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  1. Hey guys,


    Thanks for the good wishes.

    To be honest, I know they have over charged me, I know i can probably get some back, But i just dont want to deal with them ever again, It was my own fault i got into this mess, So i guess there is a certain amount of karma due there, So im going to write it down to bad luck.


    I true as i stand here today, i wont ever let this happen again, I was also appalled by their behaviour, so im debating whether to send the letter about how they acted so it doesnt happen to anyone else.



  2. Im so so sorry i havent posted for ages, I was first ill with tonsilitus then internet was down, and argh just a mess.


    Well i have some good news....


    Equita have been paid, in full. So they are now off my back which is great.


    Sadly my ex is a lost cause, some things have happened of late that have shown me theres no hope, sad, but i guess thats how it has to be.


    I just wanted to say thankyou for all your help, you were a light in the dark when i needed you and you lifted my stress immensely.


    I will still be on here, so feel free to post, Would be cool to help others with what ive learnt.


    Nick xx

  3. Hes actualyl by law my Husband, We had a civil partnership and are effectively 'married'.


    Im glad it doesnt phase you, normally im very very open, i always have been, just when i got the homophobia form the other site i thought it may be easier to do things this way.

    Trust me, he wouldnt look on this thread, if he didhe wouldnt read it, hes a difficult guy indeed.

    If the choice were mine he'd still be with me, sadly its not my choice.

    Anyways, today is sunday, and im classing it as my day off, so i will do whats needed tomorrow, I wish you all a great day and speak tomorrow.


    Nick x

  4. Thanks Rae, You're kind, I live by that same policy.


    I have a long a complicated past, but in short after the horrible death of my parents(they were hit head on by a drunk driver and killed instantly) I lost everything, i was 17, and my whole life disappeared, i didnt know how to deal with it so i turned to drugs, i got addicted, ended up homeless etc, I was a heroin addict for 4 years.

    I was 9 years clean last week infact, and that brief episode in my life opened my eyes to a lot, and from that my policy has always been to help others as much as i can, I worked for the YMCA for a long time as an ex addict drug counsellor, sadly working for a charity is bad pay, i do volunteering with them now and then though.

    So you dont need to worry about that, When all this chaos is out the way i hope the knowledge you have shared with me i can relay to others and help them, I dont disappear easily :-)


    I think i need to be clear on something, and please forgive me for lying.


    My 'wife' is a he, So a gay relationship, I chose to say 'she' as i posted on another forum recently and encountered a load of homophobia, and it was just very nasty and i thought it easier to od it this way, but truth be told im a crappy liar, and i dont like doing it, so there you are.


    To be honest i love him to death, but all the things recently i guess its just been too much for him, hes 5 years younger than me, Hes 25 im 30.

    Im not sure there is much chance of reconsiliation at this point sadly, Im sorry if i sound heartless, but if i am too sincere ill only break down in tears again, hes the love of my love, i will only marry once, im totally lost without him, but i need to focus on this and get this sorted before anything can move forwards.

    He isnt the type to sit down and read something like this sadly, as much as ive asked him, i have told him whats been said here.


    Ive had a long day today, I dont think they called in, my ex was here all day as hes sick with whatever i had, and i spent the day out looking for a job, there were no letters thru the door so i assume they didnt attend, i feel a little safer in the knowledge that i dont actualy 'have' to answer the door, and i wont, i just pray that he wont either.


    It's Sunday! Thank god, A day where i dont have to worry about them coming, i hope it lasts a long time.


    Thanks again for all you guys have done to help me, i really hope i can resolve this situation soon and start to move on with my life.


    Rae, i owe you a drink for the letter and the help, I hope you take up on it one day :-)



  5. Are they likely to come on a Saturday? I was kind of sighing with relief that they might leave me alone on the weekends?


    Thanks Rae, I appreciate all your help, Youre a star.


    If at all possible, It would be great if you were able to draft a letter for me, You seem to know a hell of alot more about things than i do and the frame of mind im in at the moment i find it hard to do much, Ofcourse if its no problem for you, Please dont feel you have to or put yourself out for it.


    Sorry i havent posted much tonight, I just feel super drained, im so tired i just need to rest, The Tonsilitus is killing me, i think maybe brought on my stress too.


    I will post again tomorrow, Thank you so much for all yoru help so far guys, Think id be lost without you :)

  6. My neighbour is elderly too, I feel awful he had to go through that, all because of me.

    I don't want to put any pressure on him he's a sweet old man and he doesn't need any stress, I'm shocked they are asking my neighbours to sell me out though.

    I'm also very very worried that if they do break in, my 2 dogs will just run off and won't be seen again, may sound sad but as we were unable to have children our dogs kind of took that role and they mean the world to us, so I'm worried for their sake too.



  7. Thanks Ploddertom, I appreciate your help.


    The letter I was going to send is the template from the bailiff forum, I'm unable to copy here as I'm on my phone and I'm limited to what I can do.

    My ex is the real worry right now, I keep saying don't answer etc, but I'm so worried she will as she's ****ed off.

    I was told by my neighbour " 4 guys turned up in a White van around 11am, they knocked on the door repeatedly for 10 minutes very hard I was worried the glass on your door would break, one of them then took a ladder(is this legal????) and climbed the your front bedroom windows and knocked and shouted very loudly your name, saying they were equita and to let them in, this carried on for about an hour, they then knocked on my door and asked if I could call him when I see you are at home"


    I was shocked by this, they don't sound like they will give up easily.


    Question - even if they see me inside are they then allowed to force entry?


    The letter they sent to me concerned me, it says they HAVE been inside my house and values my items, and if I'm not there they will remove without me, they HAVE NOT been inside ever, Is this just a scare tactic? It's working....


    I'm too scared to go home, so I'm searching for work all day then waiting till 9pm to go home so I won't encounter them.

    I'm sorry to hassle u with all this, I'm just feeling very confined and alone in trying to fix it.

    Once again, any help u can give is more appreciated than u will know.





  8. Rae, I'm so sorry, I posted then went to bed, I wasn't ignoring u at all, sorry if u thought that.


    I haven't seen my gp, and not on medication.

    I don't sign on as i sometimes get work for a few weeks here and there, and to be honest didn't expect unemployment to last this long, I've always worked and never yet signed on, maybe it's time.

    I didn't expect such a quick response here so once again sorry for not replying quicker.


    Myself and my ex had a very big argument last night, I can't argue back really as I see totally her side, I need to fix this somehow


    we rent our house, no nest egg sadly, no savings.

    I'm expecting them to come around again today, I just pray that my ex doesn't answer, I did explain but who knows.


    Ok so list of things for me to do.


    Shall I print this letter to send to the bailiff and council? The template one?


    If I were to call my local councillor would he even speak to me? Could he actually help?


    What else can I do?


    I'm depressed and to top it off I've got tonsilitus aswell, but I'll be damned if I'm going to do nothing, I need to do something but I need some ammunition from u guys who know the INS and outs please.


    Any help is greatly appreciated, I'm using the forum on my phone during daytimes so my response time may be slower.



  9. I'm writing this literally at my wits end, Im physically shaking and ill with this.


    I have unpaid council tax, which i hold up my hands as my fault, Myself and my partner were paying things and i lost my job, and had a very tough time finding another making us default on our council tax, they sent it to the bailiffs, we had an arrangement and we stupidly missed a payment(we were sturggling paying our rent as i had lost my job) and we have gt letters saying they are coming to our house to REMOVE goods.

    The outstanding amount was £1000 roughly, its now £1400, im guessing their charges.

    I got home today to find a Hand delivered letter saying he called at the house and will return tomorrow to Remove our goods whether we are here or not!!!!

    Can they remove my stuff if they have never been here or even let in?


    My marriage has split up over this stress, myself and my now ex partner are sharing the house still as we only recently split over this stress of the bailiffs, Im physically sick with worry from all this, and having to deal with my 7 year marriage failing at the same time and feeling low about not being able to find work.

    Im really at my wits end, i dont have the money to pay them, if only they would aceept a payment plan i would do my utmost to pay on time every time, im sorry if this sounds sad and pathetic, but i feel close to giving up with all this, its just too much to handle, i cant pay them what i dont have, if i let them in tomorrow everything i own will go, my ex has threatened if that happens she will be gone too, and the chance of reconsile is out the window, i cannot let this happen. That may make her sound heartless but i can understand it, losing everything would just be rock bottom, if it can get lower than this point that is.


    I have seen the letter template to send to the council, i will send that tomorrow, but i need to know my rights if they come around tomorrow, im very scared thinking about it.

    My ex works, i am unemployed and i am not claiming any benefits, i work from time to time doing odd jobs when i can for some income, and ill knock on every employers door tomorrow and force them to employ me if i must.


    Every time i call equita they are rude and transfer me to the bailiff who just says i must pay in full, is there no way around this at all?


    Please please help, i beg you, im truly at my wits end.


    Im sorry if this sounds sad and pathetic, but its just how bad things are right now.


    Thank you

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