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  1. I was ill over the Christmas period with a reoccuring health problem with my urinary tract. I attended uni up untill the 14 december or something around that, and handed in my one essay around that time. We then had a 7 inches of snow in the first week i was meant to be back, so i emailed the tutor to let her know i couldnt even get out of my street, with no reply. The next week i then fell ill with a kidney infection, and saw a consultant. I received a letter from Council tax saying my tutor informed them i left my course on the 14th, and also the student loans company.
  2. I asked for a Copy of my credit Agreement already, Welcome were fine with me being in arrears , then i asked for it, same day a default notice was sent to me. I took my CA to the CAB and they said it was legitimate. Welcome said they are going to get a court order and an attachment of earnings.. Thing is i said i would pay the other half of this months payment next week when my finances stable out a bit more, but they were having none of it, insisting on me volunteering to give my car back to them monday? Surely taking someone to court for £2400 when the company is already failing is
  3. Admin- please move this to the correct place ? Hi, i have a financed car with welcome. I owe £1400 of balance and £1100 of arrears. I rang them today as my cars clutch went and i need to fix it ASAP as i go to uni and i have two small children. This means i could only afford to pay them £100 of my £224.01 payment this month. They said they have sent me a default notice in the post to pay my arrears within 14 days or they take the car back. Have not received this notice as yet When i told them my situation they said there is nothing further they can do, and that t
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