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  1. The rest of the response was just giving the details of the card number to which the alleged debt relates and the date that it went into default (December 1998). Strangely though, this letter arrived today with the same date on it as one which arrived yesterday stating that the account had been put on hold pending investigation.


    If they were able to produce a recording of the conversation and my partner had made any admission to knowing about the debt (she is adamant that she didn't as she did not have the card to which it relates), is this as good for them as written acknowledgement? Just want to be sure of all my facts!!! Whatever happens, this is the first she has ever heard of it and has definitely never made any payments towards the card that they have detailed

  2. Sent the prove it letter and had a reply entitled final response, the contents of which include:


    'I note that you dispute the account being owed by yourself, but I would draw your attention to the call made to our offices on the 25th February 2010, the same date as your letter, where you admitted liability for this debt and indeed made an offer of repayment.

    As such we do not consider this account to be disputed and we cannot in light of the call made to our offices consider you not liable for the balance owed. However, I will place this account on hold awaiting your comments.'


    They have then enclosed a leaflet about the Financial Ombudsman Service and stated that they should be contacted within 6 months from the date of their letter.


    As my partner telephoned them to ask what the alleged debt related to and did not admit liabilty for it in writing and has not made any payments towards it, what should the next course of action be?


    Thanks in advance

  3. PGH7447,


    My partner is unaware of ever owning a Barclaycard which is what this alleged debt relates to. She is adamant that she has never had any communication from anybody relating to it and has therefore never made any payments towards it. When she phoned the DCA immediately after recieving the letter she told them that she had no idea what it was for and they did everything in their power to convince her that she had to pay it despite this. They were very agressive, insisting that she declared her monthly income/outgoings so that they could work out a payment plan. They even went on to demand my income details (which she refused to give) as they said that they would count towards how the debt would be repaid. She came off the phone in tears after the very rude woman she was speaking to basically told her she didn't care that she knew nothing of the alleged debt and that it didn't matter to her if it could be repaid - just that it would be!!!

  4. Hi everybody, please be gentle with me, I'm new to all this!


    My partner has recieved a letter from a debt collection agency today (connect/mackenziehall) stating that they have been instructed by their client to recover an outstanding balance of £2862.46. The pursuers of the debt are Cabot Financial (Europe) Ltd and the original creditor is Barclaycard. My partner phoned them to find out what the debt related to and was told that the balance was outstanding on a Barclaycard from 1998, although she does not ever recall having a Barclaycard and as she has had 2 different mortgages from different lenders since 2002 and this debt did not appear on any searches relating to her credit status during the process of applying for these, she is quite distressed. The DCA were very forceful with her on the phone, insisting on immediate payment and basically threatening that further action would be taken if she did not pay immediately - something she is not in a financial position to do and also not willing to do as this is the first time she has heard about this alleged debt. Barclaycard themselves were of no help when she phoned to ask them about the card which she does not recall ever having - after going round in circles on an automated anserwing service, their customer services department would not release any information as she could not remember the exact address she was living at 12 years ago!!! Any advice on how to proceed with this to get it resolved would be much appreciated.



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