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  1. Hi haggis1984 My credit file is spot on, nothing wrong with it. I will send them a Subject Access Request. Where do they stand on breaking their own terms and conditions. MBNA Card
  2. Hi haggis1984 No charges, never missed a payment and within limit, so i'm quite surprised that my limit has been reduced and that they never informed me. MBNA Card
  3. Hi New to forum and just after a little help, MBNA have reduced my credit limit without informing me either online or via post. In their terms its states " 1 Key financial information 1a We will choose your credit limit and tell you what it is. We may vary it at any time and write to let you know." They have not wrote and informed me, so in theory are they in breach of the own terms and condition and if so, what action can i take against them. MBNA Card
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