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  1. Thank you and good luck with your 'Appeal' Mark
  2. They didn't send copy statements just lists of transactions per month so no interest rates to be found.
  3. Hi Dotty50 Just seen this thread re Capital One. I'm about to make a claim on them for my partner and realised I may be able to claim interest as well. we have a response to our SAR but it does not detail the interest rates that were applicable. How did you manage to find them? Thanks Mark
  4. Thanks for the advice, particularly about contacting the gym direct. RCS I do know immediately add 25% to any debt plus the £22 per letter sent. The last letter was sent recorded delivery to Stuart Robinson, Head of Collections. All my step-son gets back are phone calls to his workplace which he finds very embarassing. Just fund the telephone harrassment letter so will send that recorded delivery.
  5. Has anyone any advice on how to deal with RCS based in Sunbury. I have been trying to resolve a debt problem on behalf of my step-son which he incurred through membership of a maritial arts gym he joined. The nice pink and yellow letters appear to have stopped but he still gets the phone calls demanding payment - a lady called Renee? I have written on a number of occassions on his behalf and never received a reply. I tried calling them today and got a message saying they were closed (at 12.15) but open for business Monday to Friday 9.00 to 17.00? Any help gratefully received.
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