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  1. He's not trying to dodge this by the way..its just noone has asked for his licence details & its only because his insurance is due we've thought about it
  2. What do you mean revoked?.this is his first offence and we are not sure of the procedure..noones told him to send his licence anywhere? I think when you have a speeding fine you are advised to send your licence off..noone has asked that? No paperwork has been received since? Thanks
  3. My son was given 4 points on his license at court back in April. The DVLA or police or court system have not asked for his driving license to update and add the points . His annual car insurance is due in August. How long does he have to wait for them to come through on his license. Should he tell the insurance company regardless? Does anyone know the affect on his premium ? He already has 3. Thanks
  4. Hi Kwaks. Thanks very much for all your help & advice. I have completed the NIP wizard on pepipoo but it seems to throw up a generic response. Hopefully I may get a response on the forums about how to fill in the NIP form and when to amend address at DVLA. If anyone here knows please let me know Thanks
  5. Thanks for the response...how would you advice he fulls the NIP form in ? Could I be cheeky also & respectfully ask how you know he will be ok? Many thanks
  6. Hello,Could you help pease? My son has received a notice of intended prosecution for speeding at 39mph in a 30 mph limit. I wondered why he hasnt automatically received a fixed penalty notice & realised the form has come to my address as the car is still registered at this address. When he moved he changed his address on his driving licence to his current address but forgot his car reg doc. What should he do? Fill in the form to say his address is as on the form ( whilst changing address on veh reg doc at DVLA) or complete section C giving his new address & advising tha
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