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  1. Hi, Thanks for the replies, I'm sorry but with all that's been going on I forgot about this forum until I was notified of the replies. From another forum a poster gave me an e-mail address for someone higher up at Next; so I contacted them. I soon heard from the head of customer services & I cannot thank this man enough, he was so helpful that I still find it a little hard to believe how personally considerate a big corporation can be. He arranged for the goodwill adjustment to be done, almost immediately, & he really did exceed customer care by the way he handled the whole
  2. Please - does anyone have any advice about where I can go with this. I also see today that my (fully paid) Next account has been closed. I never asked for this, will this have any effect on my credit score ?
  3. Thank you for your reply. I told them that I accept full responsibility for the late payments, I paid everything in full the moment I returned home, there is no outstanding balance. I apologised, begged, pleaded, everything. They are in no doubt of the desperate situation I am in as both myself & Experian have pleaded with them, it has all fallen on deaf ears. At the end of my last conversation I said I would let these circumstances be made known all she said was "If you're just going to keep taking, I will have to put the phone down on you" At that point I just broke down, as I am n
  4. Hi I will try & explain as simple as I can. I made an online order about a year ago this automatically opened an account, I never signed anything, had a balance limit of £150. Last Oct my elderly(& widowed mother) suffered a serious stroke. I went to stay with her as she was not expected to survive, she has but is completly disabled physically but her mind is fine. I returned home early January, realised I had forgotton to pay 3x£12 balances, immediately paid my balance in full. To continue organising my mothers care I went to re-mortgage as to have her live with me I need to
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