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  1. I dont think i do have all the statements. But can access acount online, but would this make a difference to the agreement
  2. You will have help when dx sees your thread, he just love catalogues. Have moved you to the Mail order catalogues section. sounds like fun. how do i access the mail order section please
  3. thanks for the advise, the charge is £12 late payment fee and £12 for administration. i am curious as to why they are not enforcable. however i do want to still use the company so dont really want to go down the route of shutting the account down. also do you have any advise as i have written a letter of complaint but they are adamant they cannot honour the arangment as it was a mistake, thanks
  4. hi, im really needing some advice and this is my first time on here so wish me luck. i have recently got behind on my payments to jacamo catalouge account by 4 months as i was out of work. they have been charging me £24 a month in fees plus interest. a few weeks ago itelephoned them to explain my situation. i spoke to a helpful advisor who agreed that i can make a part payment and then she would waive the charges and bring me back to my credit limit, i made the payment. i since recieved a statement with the charges still on. i have spoken to a manager and they have listened to the call and agreed the advisor made the agreement. however they are saying this was a mistake and cant waive any charges. my position is that it was a verbal agreement and i have fulfilled my part, and they have a legal requirment to honour there side, even if it was a mistake. please help, thanks
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