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  1. They were definitely credit searches... " The following table shows searches undertaken in connection with credit applications " It shows under that heading and not the " Other searches " which show searches made for ID purposes etc....
  2. Hi all, I had a phone call recently from the collections dept at tax credits trying to claim back 2 seperate overpayments I've apparently received. I've queried both and on both occasions they relate to when I've notified them of a change in circumstances. On each occasion they've confirmed I've notified them ON THE DAY (they won't allow you to call them beforehand) of the changes and state that the overpayments are due to my payments already being issued to me within a couple of days of me calling them. ARGHHHHHHH!! I always check my award notices to make sure the information is correct and being so assume that the award given by them is correct. I have an appeals form ready to send back but I'm sure I heard on GMTV that as long as you've given them the change of circumstance information on the day it occured you are not liable to repay anything... Is this true??
  3. Hi all, I have been checking my credit reports a lot recently as I have a master plan to become debt free (ie: paying them all off ) and have noticed A LOT of credit searches made by Lowell Financial and Mackenzie Hall dating back a few years and most recently last month. I have as yet received no correspondence from either from them and after reading some threads on here am reluctant to contact them. Does anyone know the best course of action here because I am really not impressed with having unnecessary credit searches completed on my credit reports especially when I'm only 6 months away from being debt free and having, near enough, a clean credit report. From what I've read on here it is also going to be pointless writing to either of them as they aren't exactly forthcoming with information Help anyone?
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