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  1. I am on ESA contribution based in work group My relationship with my wife broke up over 2 years ago but we still live in the same house. We decide to put the house up forsale but to live in the same house until it sold because it was easier than running two homes we have dropped the price of the house to what we owe bank but cant any further we have not even had one viewer we dont live in a great area really. My wife has been paying the mortgage and i put all my benefit into running the house she has now said with all these welfare reforms coming in if i move onto Income related ESA and lose my benefit because of her income she will not fund me anymore. I am at my wits' end i havent a clue what to do if i move out into a flat she will be looking money from me to run the house i will need money to run the flat we have 2 children also. I feel like putting a rope up because i think they will all be better of without me.
  2. Hi i am receiving dla mobility low rate at the minute at my ESA Tribunal the doctor there said my condition was causing me to have an altered state of consciousness going blank and falling over and this should have been wrote in my esa medical by the atos doctor. She also said that this would be classed as a danger to my life if i was to have an episode while out. And that i should look at trying for mobility high rate. Now i have read about people losing all there dla when trying to increase it. Should i just leave it and wait until the dwp ask me for an update or go for the high rate.
  3. Yes while she is waiting for her appeal as long as she sends in medical sick notes and has asked to appeal after being declined she will still get the standard rate of ESA. They will not ask her to go on a running machine because they would be afraid of it killing her and being sued. They should ask her about her every day life and how her illness effects this and then they will do a brief medical check blood pressure,reflexes and bending and kneeling. 4 weeks later she will get a letter saying she has failed and to go onto job seekers or if she is one of the lucky ones she will get enough points and go into one of the groups. It would be better if you do go with her and also go into the room with her as a witness if you record the medical without informing them you can not use it against them in the future.
  4. right folks i need a bit of help again i know we all do but this could help other people too My condition has got worst since i went for my medical at the atosers its was in August. Now i have told the ESA about this a couple of weeks ago they have sent me a letter. this is what it says tell us exact date condition got worst and how this has effected you and what medications have changed. right i can see a problem here my 13 week assessment ended on the 13 of june so if i was put into a group ie surport/work group i would have my money back dated to that date if i win my appeal. now heres the problem if i say my condition got worst on the 16 of september if i win my appeal because of the condition getting worst could they say there only back dating it to that date. its a grey area but we are talking about the DWP here.
  5. Hi i received my ESA limited capability for work assessment letter today and guess what Disallowed. i only received 6 points now i havent got a clue what to do now i downloaded the GL24 form. It say about taking a representative but who should i take. also should i ring the Esa and tell them i want to appeal.once i appeal what happens then. It has taken over 3 months since my medical and what else should i tell them i have told them everything that is wrong and they still disallowed me. thank you if you reply
  6. just notice the goverment have set a 1 year limit to esa what does this mean
  7. my friend is on ESA contribution and is looking for somewhere to live his wife kicked him out of the house. can he get housing benefit if he is on ESA contribution or is his luck out again he is sleeping on his mates floor and has no where to live.
  8. are there any other benefits i can claim the wife earns just under £16000 a year
  9. hi all thanks for your help i got my dla decision letter today saying i have been awarded middle care and low mobility it doesnt say how long for but it will be back dated for 16 weeks thanks again just the esa to deal with now
  10. thank you. yes i was examined and she confirmed my condition and she told me the problems i would have things like not being able to wash my own hair the doc had asked me before this who washed my hair and i told her my wife did this also because i have dizziness she said that there was no way she would want me to go up the stair incase i fell down them she asked me to get up and walk about 5 feet and back and then she checked my pulse which was racing and told me to stop worrying everything would be ok and she went. Another thing which i thought was strange i didnt counter sign the form she filled in
  11. i had the dla doctor visit today and she confirmed my illness and said it looked like i needed help. will this mean the dla will award me my claim and if yes how long normanly after a doctor visit before you get any word
  12. the problem is if i dont get dla and they stop me driving then i am stuffed and will never get out.
  13. i applied for dla in december i have lots of health problems but the main one is dizziness caused by a chest tumour restricting blood flow to my head. as usual i was turned down on the first attempt and asked for a reconsideration which is ongoing form january 25th. when i get a dizzy spell i can fall over but this only happens when i am standing and moving around but not when i am sitting down. now here is my problem when they send out the doc for a medical something the last letter said they would do. if i tell him/her about falling over will there be a chance i will lose my driving licence as i am the only driver in the house this would be a great loss thanks in advance Bill
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