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  1. hi guys been poking around here for while congrtas to you all sterling work now i am just about to stat a claim under hardship to nat west was made redundant in nov09 and currently sit £189 over my overdraft when i submit my claim do i claim from nov09 or do i back 6 years any advice greatly appreciated:)
  2. that investment board is funny has hell amazing how some of them dont think what they did was wrong.. hope they all suffer and get bad credit files
  3. hi guys and gals i have been poking around here for a few weeks gaining invaluable knowledge will start a new thread if i need to it boils down to hp no ppi just gap 247x48 =11856 taken out in sep 07 arears of 1000 roughly left to pay 3400 roughly so have paid well over purchase price. lost job in nov 09 (still unemployed) last payment made in nov £247 so far have had all letter stating without prejudice (inc default) so far no termination also had a letter asking where car is kept,(private land of course and no not telling them where) i refuse to speak to these idiots o
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