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  1. Are you saying I should just clear off abroad and not make any more payments? Or don't post on here any more!
  2. So do you suggest I CCA all of them now or should I wait till I'm abroad?
  3. I first ran into difficulty with credit card debts in 2010 and have posted on here before seeking advice for which I am grateful. I chose to set up affordable repayment plans with the original creditors and they over time issued default notices. Those default notices have now disappeared from my credit report according to the Experian link to MoneySaving Expert.com. I have in actual fact managed to get a credit card to try and build up my credit rating. All of the original creditors have sold on the respective accounts to the likes of Arrow, Lowell and Cabot and I have continued to pay them. Some of these have since approached me with offers to settle the accounts at reduced rates which up until now I couldn't find. I am in the process of selling my house and intend to settle abroad in Spain. When it goes through I will be left with enough to clear all the accounts if they don't ask for more than 30% but then will have very little to fall back on for a rainy day. I am retired and just about manage to get through on my state pension and small works pension. When I last wrote on here 2 years ago https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?470920-Debt-write-off-or-IVA&p=4960595#post4960595 I thought I would be left with about £8k but this has gone up £20k. I was advised to stop making the token payments and send out CCA requests but I do own up to the debts and that is why I haven't gone down that route. I was wondering how best to approach the situation. I was thinking about carrying on with the payments until I move abroad in January and then notifying them of my move with an offer to continue the payments until I have secured a permanent address as I will be renting? This will give me a chance to set up Spanish bank accounts and arrange money transfer from my UK bank account. I don't want them to know how much I have from the proceeds of sale so they can go after the lot. This brings me to the next question .... can they apply for a CCJ if I am sticking to the repayments? Your thought and advice greatly appreciated.
  4. As far as I know they are all enforceable. Every one of them served default notices and I continued with the token payments as advised by CAB. The only one I challenged was Capital One when they were getting heavy and they sent me a copy of what I had signed when I took up the card. I was afraid of losing my house if it all escalated so still paid. Arrow Global was MBNA Visa £8593 Arrow Global was MBNA Mastercard £7860 Wescot on behalf of Mint £7516 Cabot was Barclaycard £8647 Arrow Global was Abbey £5312 CapitalOne £15335 Arrow Global was Alliance & Leicester £1740 M&S Personal Reserve account £1717
  5. Hi, I am looking for advice please. At the moment I am heavily in debt with credit cards and for a few years now have been making agreed payments to my creditors on a pro rata basis. Although no interest is being charged there is no way I will be able to clear these debts in my lifetime without either going bankrupt or an IVA. I am 67 years of age and an IVA would take me to 73 and having to live on the breadline for the next 6 years isn't how I had planned my retirement. I have a mortgage and a 2nd charge both on an interest only basis if I were to sell then there wouldn't be a great deal of equity left. At current property prices I would be lucky to come away with £8k which wouldn't make much of a dent in my credit card debt. This would leave me penniless as I have no savings and no personal life insurance. I had planned to pay off the mortgage by cashing in my stocks and shares but the banking crisis wiped these out and what was left was sold to service my credit card payments following me losing my job on top of everything else. I would like to sell up and go live in Spain where property rentals are very reasonable and I could manage quite well on my works pension and state pension. I am not one to shirk my responsibilities and would try to continue paying off what I can but I don't want to start afresh with absolutely nothing. If possible I would like to keep a £4k cushion out of the sale proceeds of my house for contingencies such as funeral costs as I can't expect my siblings to pay for this and I have no other family. Most of my debt has been sold to the likes of Arrow Global , Cabot etc. I reckon they only paid a small percentage for taking on the risk. Is there any point in me appealing to their better nature and asking them to write off my debts or should I go down the route of an IVA? If I go for an IVA can I sell my house during it and then go live in Spain and just continue with the payments or would it be best to sell now and then go for an IVA. Sorry for the lengthy dialogue but as I don't have much of a lifespan left I would like to spend it relatively at peace.
  6. When I asked Vodafone about unlocking my smartphone I was told it wasn't locked. Sure enough I popped in another providers sim card and it worked. However am still saddled with all of Vodafone's bloatware which I'm sure affects the phones performance as it takes ages to start up and is very laggy.
  7. Further to the above I have now received a letter from Restons Solicitors informing me that they have been instructed by Arrow Global to review my instalment arrangement. They state that all future payments and correspondence should go to them BUT I haven't heard from Global Arrow to this effect. Should I ask Restons for proof from Global that payments should go to Restons? They have also asked me to fill in their I&E account and whilst I have no problems with this I shall send them the one I always use as no way are they going to find out how much my house is worth, how much is owing on mortgage and years left to run, plus value of car (13 year old banger) etc. Finally if I do end up sending the token payment to Restons is it advisable for me to add in the couple of monthly payments that were missed as a result of Wescott not collecting anymore and Arrow or it's representative failing to get in touch until now?
  8. Well it's taken Wescot 3 months to tell me they no longer manage the account even though I was still paying them. For all I know AG might have written it off ...hmmm not really but it would be nice. So I guess I will cancel the SO and await further contact. Thanks
  9. Hi again, Not too sure how much background info you require as I first ran into difficulties in June 2010 and upon advice from CAB approached MBNA with an offer of token payment. From thereon the accounts went through the default process and eventually ended up with AG by way of assignment. All of the above thread relates to difficulties I had with AIC at the time of the assignment. Briefly I had 4 credit card accounts with MBNA all of which have been assigned to AG by notice of assignment in January 2012. Two went to Wescot for collection and the other two are with AIC. I still make a monthly token payment on each account by SO as instructed in the NOA. I have only heard from Wescot that their two accounts are no longer managed by them but nothing from AIC about the other two. Presumably AIC are still managing these. I am still unemployed and in receipt of pension credit. What I meant about default was I am worried if I stop payment then AG issue court proceedings for failing to make payments.There again if I don't know who to pay then is it up to me to make reasonable enquiries to find out.
  10. Hi again, I don't know if I should start a new thread or not but as this is related I will try here first. At the time of the above I also had another MBNA account go over to Arrow Global via Assignment but the DCA here was Wescott. I have been making token payments to Wescott by standing order but a couple of weeks ago they wrote to me saying they are no longer managing the account but my recent payment has gone to their client and I should cease making further payments to Wescott. Since then no-one else has contacted me about who my payment should go to so I decided to ring Wescott to find out what's going on. They told me that they stopped managing the account in November and didn't know who it was with now! Suggested I find a number for Arrow and ring them. Explained all I had was an address in Guernsey which was on the Notice of Assignment and no phone number. I have found details for Arrow here http://www.arrowglobal.net/contactus/default.aspx Should I ring them or is it best to write to the Guernsey address for clarification? I haven't cancelled the S.O. yet as don't want to get hit with a default as it would appear that the payment still being passed on by Wescott.
  11. Hi, It has been widely publicised that your price increases for both gas and electricity would increase by 7% on 3rd December. I am on the Fresh Start tariff which is your "social tariff" designed to help the vulnerable on benefits. I received written notification from the company but on checking the price increase I was shocked to see it was in excess of 14.7% for both gas and electricity which is double the expected rise. I rang customer services which was very busy and eventually spoke to someone who kept on having to go back to her supervisor for guidance. She didn't seem to grasp why I was querying the increase as I am on your lowest tariff in any case! Eventually after a lot of toing and froing I was told the publicized rates only applied to your standard tariffs and as mine was much lower then the increase of 7% didn't apply! I am rather surprised that in light of benefit cutbacks and other austerity measures you have decided to penalise the vulnerable in this way as I thought you were working with the government to assist those already in fuel poverty. Are you able to comment?
  12. Thanks for the reply. Strangely enough I had very little in the way of penalty charges as I stopped making payments to the account very abruptly after I ran out of money. I never had any ppi. I suppose if I could claim something back they would demand an extra payment from my windfall !!!!
  13. Can you please explain what it is I can claim fron MBNA . Thanks Digger
  14. Hi, I sent them my statement of income and expenditure explaining I was on benefits and could only afford a token payment. I set up a standing order once I got the correct details and then received a reply stating they would accept token payments for next 6 months and then review my account. Am expecting them to start chasing me again soon!!
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