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  1. I have requested that they do this. I will be hand delivering a letter to their offices over the weekend, they know i used to live there as i was named on previous bills! I think they were trying to catch me out as i said i no longer live there so they wanted to check i am registered as living elsewhere! they are welcome to check even though I am there sometimes none of my property is!! They wont tell me if the account is on hold or not as they cannot discuss with me!!
  2. I will do, Thank you for the help on here. Should they put the account on hold if it is being investigated?
  3. This has been amended to a single person amount even though they had the dates incorrect, which i have now advised them of the right dates i moved out! I have checked through most of the receipts I have and they all seem to be correct so far as i pay in small amounts i do have a quite a few to check! iwill advise the council to check this as well.
  4. Hi, We are still together I have just moved outit is complicated! I have moved back in with my mother to help out for a while. I have advised the council that the letter will be hand delivered over the weekend so that the account can be dealt with. I have asked the question about the account being placed on hold and do not get a response. he has only received one letter so far and i will be providing proof of the payments made to to the council as well.
  5. Hi, I have posted previously regarding council tax. I do not know if anyone will be able to help me with this query. I moved out of the address I was sharing with my partner last year and changed the council tax into just his name, we are still together and i still pay the council tax. He has now received a letter from Equita chasing payment, it is for the current year and i have been making payments however there is still some due. Firstly they have the wrong date that I moved out so the amounts are incorrect and I have been emailing the Council regarding it as I want to settle without a bailiff being involved. When I first emailed them they said the account was on hold with Equita until he had time to respond to my e-mails. He has now done this and said that they cannot deal with me as the account isd not in my name. Surely when i am trying to arrange payments they should be happy to speak to me?? I have now been told they need written proof that they can speak to me. If it is under investigation surely no further bailiff action can take place?
  6. Great thank you. I have also got another issue with them at the moment through the council as they have been passed another account, will this affect their action on that at all?
  7. No they did not have a levy, the first time they came round it was a mistake as i had the agreement with them, then over christmas i missed part of a payment and they showed up again with a letter requesting payment - as i had the funds i paid the rest off straight away so this was the only visit they should of been able to charge for i guess.
  8. Not a full breakdown, it just shows the council tax amount and the bailiff charges. I did have an issue with Equita as they sent a bailiff with a removal notice to my house after i had made them an offer which they accepted and even before the first payment was due. I called them about this as I had not received the letter accepting my offer at this stage! When I called them they apologised for this but bet they have still charged the fees!!
  9. Hi, I hope someone wil be able to help me. I would like some infoamtion regarding bailiff fees. I recenltly paid off an outstanding CT debt to equita and requested a breakdown of fees which also showed it was fully paid. However the fees on it showed £233.50 which I think seems extremely high.
  10. It is South Oxfordshire council and the contact is capita, I have had it taken back before due to some fantastic help by a member on here. That was a few years ago though. My issue this time is that i have been making the payments to the coucil and they have still done this.
  11. Thank you. As it is for the current year then I am hoping they will take it back from Equita. I have had numerous dealings with the council over this as I have had varying references over the years.
  12. Hi, My partner has received a letter from Equita today regarding council tax due. I have been making payments on this account for him as I have recently moved out - its complicated!! I have not contacted equita yet as i have first contacted the council as it is for the current year. Should I be able to continue paying SODC as I have requested i make payment to them and they take the account back from Equita. Please advise me
  13. I have told them that i have a DMp but they said we do not deal with them!! I have contacted my DMP however it is new so they are still setting everything up i have said how urgent it is as i feel threatened
  14. I have received a text message today from Collector stating that they are due to call at my work now!! and to call 01617381204 to make a payment today. I have a debt management plan working onthis but i am still being contacted, is it just to scare me?
  15. i paid yesterday by bank transfer as this is how i had previously paid and had no problem and now they have said they wont reconnect until it shows as cleared funds in their account if they had told me this yesterday i would of found another method of payment.
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