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  1. could somebody please help me i have recived a letter from a company called salans telling me welcome have terminated my agreement what is all this about
  2. I have both agreements the new one is only £500 diffrent than old one and i have paid £9000, but the ppi and insurances come to £2618.04
  3. This is a long story i took a secured loan out with welcome in 2005 with no problems till 2008 when i became unemployed and missed a few payments,then all the calls started home,mobile,work it just got me down so i buiered my head in the sand thinking it would go away was i so wrong then i saw a thread about ppi when i asked welcome they said i couldnt claim as i was only in tempory work so in oct i requested sar which they chose to ignore. So this time i found a templete and sent recorded allowing them 40 days, they didnt respond so i sent it to the fos they were brilliant, got a letter back saying welcome would refund ppi plus 3 other insurances i didnt know i had great ONLY IF I DO A REWRITE. I thought about it and looked deeper in to agreement to find things didnt add up dates wrong,papers missing,documents witnessed by i dont know who since then i have requested legal charge document but they carnt supply me with one that is readable dont know were to go next somebody please help:):)
  4. please help i have sent sar request to welcome which they didnt respond to in the 40 days so i passed it to fos who fought my case for ppi welcome have agreed to pay back ppi plus 3 other insurances if i do a re write but looking at all the paperwork there seems to be mistakes should i sign or not please help
  5. hi anybody can somebody please help me,after requesting subject access report which took longer than 40 days i sent it to the fos who have been a big help welcome have agreed to refund ppi and other insurances only if i re write a new loan, On cheeaking paper work i have found a lot of mistakes and i dont know were to go next please help angela
  6. Thank you so much:) On with the saga hope you can help. Took out welcome loan in 2005 had no problems for 4 years paid by DD, then changed jobs after 7 months company went into administration, that is when it hit the fan got behind with payments and was offered reduced payments if they re wrote my loan i declined,after lots of harrasment from the branch i started paying what i could for 6 mths then benifits stopped at the time i thought it was better topay my mortgage even though it is a secured loan, was unemployed for a few months with very little coming in till i found work last july started paying welcome again they excepted reduced rate after a couple of months the phone calls started 5-6 aday landline ,mobile even called me at work when i hadnt given them the no, this is when it started in oct 09 i asked for a copy of my aggrement to find i had ppi,homecare,medicare and life care which i never new i had. So i sent letter demanding a refund as they didnt respond in the time scale i went to the fos who have been brilliant , welcome have till 26/2/10 to come up with something. After waiting and reading this forum i dug out agreament to find some things dont add up as i say dont have all pages, on one page it states the date as the 01/03/04 i didnt take loan out till april 05,also why would it not show how much intrest i will be paying this is why i want sar hope you can help:) sorry for spelling as im so tired on nights
  7. Im so dumb how do i print it of, when i have done this i wil fill you in but be warned it is a saga
  8. sorry not making myself clean need to send access request but dont know were to find it to print it off
  9. First post so be gentle seam to be having a blonde moment but dont know how to print of template letter;)
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