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  1. There have been a few developments the past few days. As much as I want to desperately move, I am not in much of a position to as we are looking for a property in a very specific area, as my parents help take my son to school and I need to walk him to their house every morning, so I'm looking to stay very close to them. At the moment I'm on the same road. Nothing has come up in this area at all with the right dates or furnished. My partner has been sick for 6 months and is just starting a new job on 12th March, so we really need to wait for him to start earning money. So my parents suggested I
  2. Well I have just had a very unsuccessful conversation with the landlady. She took huge offence at my suggestion to withold my last months rent. Infact she went mental. She insisted I pay the rent as normal, I told her I did not feel I could rely on her to pay my deposit back early as promised. I informed her that as my deposit is not covered she legally does not have a leg to stand on and that I had sought legal advice and should take her to court for not protecting my deposit. She was incredibly insistent that I pay the rent and again asked me if I'd stay on if she completed the works
  3. Ok, excellent. There is also no signed inventory. I will also take photos when I move out. Although I can assure you this property has been maintained well by us and is much cleaner than when we moved in! Your help is much appreciated. x
  4. I have been trying to call her this evening to discuss this, but she is not returning my calls. When you say there is little she can lawfully do, what could she 'lawfully' do if I withhold my rent? I don't want to potentially cause more hassle for myself. I have had landlords in the past who are perfectly happy with this arrangement, I just have a feeling that she will be trouble.
  5. Ok thanks. I didn't think legally she would have much of a leg to stand on. If she wanted to be protected by the law, she should've protected my deposit! At the moment she has verbally said she'll return it a week before I move out or there abouts, but I just have no reason to trust her and want to cover myself. She told me to make sure I kept on paying the rent to cover her mortgage.
  6. Apologies, I really wanted to know if I am jusftified/within my rights to withold my last months rent to cover the deposit considering all of the above?
  7. Hi I am coming to the end of a horrendous tenancy. Landlord has openly admitted to me on phone that they haven't kept up with maintenance I have requested, conservatory door can't be opened, I asked 3 times for it to be fixed. When I moved in eaves of house and the shed were full of her junk, she said she would remove and still hasn't, we had 2 carbon monoxide leaks which resulted in us having no central heating for 5 weeks this winter! She then decided we should move out while the work was done and gave me 2 days notice to find somewhere to stay! I am now moving out, lease expires next week
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