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  1. Quick addition to the above ... I have just "googled" surrender of tenancy and just wanted to clarify what happened ... we did not specifically use that term, but I contacted the agents (in writing) to say as expected Dad needed to go into a nursing home and we would be vacating on the 26th June, and I asked if they could advise what I needed to do in terms of handing back keys etc. They responded and told me what to do with keys and that the LL would be visiting the property to carry out an inspection, due to running around like a headless chicken for the next few days I didn't get c
  2. Hi Mariner51 Yes it was an early surrender, all done properly and above board. The flat which was rented is one of these over 60's complexes (private not council run), the Agents (and the LL) knew the situation from the outset in terms of my father being terminally ill, they were aware that he probably wouldn't be there for the full term, in fact I have those conversations in writing via email, I also have communication via email regarding handing the property back to them, they said in advance that if Dad did leave early they would market the flat for rental and if let would refund any exc
  3. Just wondering if any of you could tell me where we stand with this one. My elderly father has terminal cancer and wanted to move 250 miles to be closer to us, we initially tried to get him into a nursing home but found this difficult due to the homes needing to assess him first. The only option we had was to sign a tenancy agreement (in our name due to him being 250 miles away) with my father as the named tenant. As expected he was unable to care for himself and within 4 weeks we were able to move him into a nursing home. The tenancy was an assured shorthold taken out from the
  4. Hello My current tenancy is due for renewal, I have spoken to my Landlord who is happy to renew for another year but he is currently paying Beals Estate Agents for a fully managed property service. Basically they drive me nuts coming round wasting my time every 3 months for "inspections" and the landlord says they charge him a fortune for doing nothing so neither of us wants/needs their involvement. Beals have made it very complicated and expensive for the LL to get out of their service so he's agreed to carry on with them. Is there a way we can get out of the Beals grip?
  5. Oh doesn't sound good - Thanks for your help and go and get some rest !! Hope your not too sore in the morning
  6. Thank you - I haven't used these there is a message hub in the members area which I have been using - I have now emailed the above The 2nd address came back undelivered but the 1st one seems to have gone through.
  7. I have already got my £2 equifax one and hubby is a member of equifax so gets regular updates on his - fingers crossed Callcredit Check are not holding any nasty surprises on their file
  8. Thanks BRIGADIER2JCS I can get access to my account information, so I have already double checked all my details and nothing is out of place I promise you there is no other way of contacting this company I have wasted most of the day trying to find a way of contacting them, the fact that you say they often hold different information than the other referencing agencies is what I am worried about If they hold information that I am not aware of then I have just thrown away nearly £300 on referencing forms which I will not pass, not to mention the fact that I am soon going to be homel
  9. Haha - just logged onto Noddle and this is the message which greeted me "Reserve your spot! We’re still testing our great new service, and aren’t ready for everyone yet, but please leave us your email address and we’ll let you know as soon as we can welcome you into Noddle." No help there either then !
  10. I wasn't offered any option for verification??? but I did enter my debit card and bank details which ARE registered to my current address
  11. I am fuming today:-x sorry but have to rant about this "new" referencing agency Call Credit Check I already know I have a dodgy credit history from 2007/08 but wanted to check what was on my file to ensure full disclosure on a new tenancy reference check. I usually use Equifax but Homelet use Call Credit Check so I thought I would get my file from them Its now been well over 24 hours and I STILL can't see my credit report all I keep getting is a message saying - "We are currently working to resolve a validation issue on your report. Please bear with us and we will contact you as so
  12. Hi Everyone I purchased a top spec laptop from Littlewoods less than a month ago, which is faulty - it keeps coming up with a warning about cooling system failure. I phoned and spoke to Toshiba tech support who told me it was a critical hardware failure and I should return it for replacement. I phoned and spoke to Littlewoods who told me I had to phone Toshiba for a faulty goods reference number. Went back to Toshiba who this time said I should return it for repair .... No I said .... I want a replacement, I am not happy to have such a new machine repaired it's obviously no
  13. Thanks dx I have not paid these charges yet (and don't intend to) but I want to send a letter back to them refusing to pay these charges I'm not sure what my reasons are though! Can you (or anyone else) tell me why these charges are unlawfull please, so I know what to say in my letter ?? Dydie x
  14. Hello, I have received this notice of default sums letter after one missed Direct Debit payment, it all seems a little heavy handed and over the top to me, do I have to pay these charges? I have had this finance since 22/08/2009 and this is the first time a payment has been returned unpaid. The date the direct debit leaves my account varies between the 26th and the 28th of the month, on this occassion they requested the direct debit payment on the 26th May which was a Thursday (I get paid weekly on a Friday and on this occassion there was not quite enough in my account to cover the D
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