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  1. thank you Peter, I will have a look at that:-)
  2. Hello Apologies upfront to anybody that is not 100% sure of contract law. Please only answer if you have more of an idea than I do I am looking through a guarantee that states (the debt IS NOT) under clause (b): if you are a corporate body, such part (if any) of the Debt as may have been incurred by the Borrower, directly or indirectly, in connection with the acquisition of shares in your share capital (or the share capital of any holding company) unless and to the extent that the provision of the financial assistance by this Guarantee in connection with that acquisition, is lawful. Could anybody here either answer/help or recommend anybody that is familiar with contract law in business, to explain what the above means in plain English. Does this mean that ONLY if you are a corporate body i.e. a Ltd company and you sign as a personal guarantee on a loan or overdraft ONLY the amount of shares that you held as a company director for the ltd company are you liable for????
  3. :-)i joined some time back, but using the forum once again
  4. instead of being an advertisement for the above company, why dont you just share FOR FREE the 'information' that you supposedly have:-x
  5. Hello I am writing for advise for my dad, basically he is nearly 60 years old he joined a gym, with the intention of getting fit:) however he never used the gym it was literally an intention. he signed a 12 month contact. which he paid every month by direct debit on time. the 12 month contact however RENEWS automatically!!! If you do not give them 3 months notice in writing to say that you (wait for it) DO NOT wish to renew pas the 12 month contract that you signed:x He is completley gobsmacked and was unaware of this Now he is receiving, letters threatening court action and bailiffs for the 3 month notice that you are supposed to give AFTER the 12 month membership. Please help! is there anything I can do for him! thank you so much
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