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  1. I agree & I have just finished writing a letter to the Directors Office CEO. I used there registered address (I hope that works) I'll post another note if it does.
  2. Some people do shop at more than one sainsburys in one day. It is clear that you don't value my comments. I'm not getting into this type of backwards & forwards with you. If you want to reply & get the last word thats fine with me. You seam to me as someone who is trying to be honest and in this day and age thats very refreshing but that's not the world we are now living in. Good luck my friend - Good luck!
  3. REPLY to this comment: "This isn't true & I'm sorry but this is very relevant to everyone that has a nectar card and if they have more than 1 store near them! In London there are 20 that are within 6miles of my home!
  4. During London Overground's Planned Engineering works 20/02/10 to 31/05/10 Gospel Oak to Stratford line will be closed. My friend travels to work from Clapham Junction to Canonbury. The closer will add 60minutes onto his journey both ways. So we looked on the TfL website for help. They say oyster travelcards zone 2-6 (any zones that don't have zone 1) can travel into zone 1 will get charged but should receive a refund auto within 7days. Rubbish! This will never happen and yet paper travelcard holders will not be charged, as the ticket gates have no idea that a traveller has infact pasted zone 1
  5. Yes! It all changed.I'm sorry for not giving the full story- NOW you can have lots of 'home' sainsbury's stores. All you need to do is spend £1 in each one and 1day later it's another store you can redeem your nectar points in!
  6. DON'T ever PAY to send letter's to Capital one use there freepost address! FREEPOST PLUS RLRT-YZEC-XZUC Capital one bank (Europe) Plc Nottingham NG2 3YH. I found that capital one don't reply to any letters after the 3 one you send. If you owe them money don't worry about it. Let them pass it on to a collector then just offer them a small repayment of £1 month (if you live rent yr house or flat you have nothing to worry about) Don't ever let the collector inside your home, they have no right to come in or take anything! -If it gets to court your do the paper work by post and not in
  7. Nationwide has a freepost address!! Please people never pay to write to them! Use there freepost address; Nationwide Building Society FREEPOST AAAC-AJHJ-XAJX (***Then add the rest of there address & postcode*** Also remember to try & get a free proof of posting from any post office to prove you sent them a letter!!
  8. Nectar points are all good and well but be careful. It is now possible to get into debt with a nectar card! If you say shop at more than 1 Sainsbury's store to redeem your points in, you could use the points in lots of different stores (in 1 day) and then get a minus points balance the next day there slow computers update, owing nectar money!! So be careful people.
  9. I would like to know the outcome of this problem as I've been told in the past that using someone else's freedom pass is classed as 'benefit cheating' and does cover a massive fine or jail time.
  10. I owed Nationwide 2,320(GBP) in Jan 2009 this went up to 2,426 (GBP) due to banking charges and fines! I paid the debt at 1 GBP per month. They refused countless times to accept, but I just carried on making the payment of 1pound month. A year later they agreed to settle at 1,080 GBP and the rest of the debt they wouldn't continue asking me to pay. So in the end I saved 1,346 GBP! Top-tip: Don't ever talk to creditors by phone (always by post & not email) +make sure your never pay to write to your creditor, get there freepost address or if they don't have one, cut out there postage mark wh
  11. I have a credit card with Nationwide. I owed them just under 500 GBP back in February 2009, a year on I now owe over £600+ This building society refuse to freeze interest or charges and I have written to them countless times. Now they will not reply to any of my letters. Not even there solicitors will reply! I am now going to the banking ombudsman about Nationwide's treatment towards me.
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