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  1. Dear All Firstly, I'm SO sorry that I haven't posted since my IUC but firstly, I put it all behind me as though it was all over forever and then I was struck down by the most horrendous flu virus, from which I'll still at home recovering as I write. The IUC was pretty much as I expected. I'd researched it, heeded all your good advice, and had a fairly good idea of what to expect. I'd spent hour upon hour preparing a huge dossier which comprised character reference letters from my parents and friends; my own statement as to the events leading to my feeling forced into temping whil
  2. My heart goes out to you and I sincerely hope that all works out well for you. Bright blessings xXx
  3. Thank you SO much everyone. Off to bed already as I've a thumping headache, so here's hoping for some rest. Goodnight and Godbless one and all xXx
  4. Well folks, it's the day before my IUC and I am having to 'brave face it' at work in my temping job but shaking like a leaf underneath it all. I saw the solicitor last week and presented him with a huge dossier of info which proves how hard I have worked to find a job and seek help with my situation. I became incredibly tearful in telling my story, but he seemed quite reassuring and advised that he feels I will incurr a caution and, naturally, have to repay every penny. Let's hope he's right and that nothing worse happens. Despite my medication starting to kick in a 'prop me up' if
  5. Thanks SO much everyone. I really appreciate the comforting words and good advice. Feeling a bit flat I'm afraid, as the dark cloud hanging over me did (despite my best efforts) bring me down and my birthday was very quiet and low key. Mind you, I don't expect surprises these days (Jonny Depp doesn't phone, doesn't write ...) Goodnight and pleasant dreams to you all.
  6. Bless you honeybee13! Thank you very much. I am counting my blessings as my darling parents [though elderly] live nearby and are waiting to see me in order to feed me up and give me gifts and cards. Also, my increasingly troublesome situation over the past few years, coming to a head with this IUC etc, has sorted the wheat from the chaff amongs my friends and so-called friends! No matter how bad it gets, there are always blessings to be counted, n'est pas? Have a good day yourself. Thanks and warmest regards x
  7. Thank you ALL so much for your kind and thoughtful messages of support, empathy and good advice. They are all very much appreciated. I have an appointment with a solicitor on Thursday 4th March, but that's getting rather too close to the IUC itself (10th March) for my liking. As far as I know, this will only be the initial free consultation wherein the solicitor will find out about my case and see if I'm eligible for legal aid. (I have not a penny to my name, so I'm totally up the creek without a paddle if he can't help me!). I've spent time on the PC putting together my 'story' and
  8. Thank you all so much for your replies, which have brought me a degree of comfort. I am preparing for the worst, but hoping for the best. It would seem like total madness if I got a fine, but it would be typical of this darned country I'm afraid. If you're poor, you get penalised left right and centre and made to pay more for things ... on what planet does that make sense ?!? Kelcou (Rae) - thanks for the suggestion re trying to change my housing scheme. On explaining my plight (before all this kicked off) my housing association said that they might be able to buy back my 50% share
  9. Hi everyone I've just found this site online and registered for the first time. I am in an awful state (crying, scared and extremely overwrought) and would be grateful for any advice anyone can offer please. I am 47, single with no partner or children (sadly) and have a modest shared ownership property - meaning that I have a mortgage on 50% and pay rent to a housing association on the other 50%. Having lost my job in July 2008, I claimed Job Seeker's Allowance, Housing Benefit, Council Tax Benefit/relief and, after a long drawn out battle managed to get the Jobcentre to cont
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