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  1. Have checked on that HB and you are correct. Don't know where I got that information from. Right guys, I have come to the conclusion that this problem is just dragging on and on and that it is having a serious effect on my recovery from this depression. I am going to spend the next couple of days preparing a letter to my line manager submitting a list of grievances. one of us has to get the ball rolling on this and if they're not prepared to then I will have to. What do you all think. Am i doing the right thing??
  2. I am not in any company pension scheme so I'm assuming 'early retirement' is just a way of dismissing me 'gently' I believe that you can draw the state pension if you retire through ill health as long as you've paid enough National Insurance contributions. I'm 55 in august and have been working since I was 14 so i guess that's not a problem
  3. just gone through the employment contract, no mention of company insurance at all.
  4. Yes, you are correct, six months full pay then six months half pay. I suppose some credit to him. I have just received by e-mail a copy of the Company's Grievance Procedure and have e-mailed him back asking for a copy of the employment contract as I don't recall ever having received one. I might well have done but I certainly don't have it now. I'm not sure what to think about the early retirement as it was I who had to bring it up at the meeting today. He made no mention of it until i asked. As I said all he kept doing was asking me what do I want to do. This depression I'm suffering from means I can't think clearly at the best of times. i know they're (claiming!) to have my best interest in mind but I can't help thinking they are trying to figure out what my next move might be before they make any decision. I really to see an end to this. As I said, any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hi Guys, thanks for all the advice. Had the meeting with my line manager this morning. What a complete waste of time. Last meeting i had with him he told me he was going to talk with HR and come up an 'Early Retirement through ill health' package. He had done no such thing. They have since had the report in from my 'Occupational Medical Health' exam and I get the impression it may have spooked them a bit. He also mentioned that my six months on full pay while off sick ends at the end of July. Do you think they are stalling for time. when I asked him what has happened to this early retirement thing all he asking was 'What do you want to?' I said to him 'If I was to put in a Grievance would you suddenly do a complete U-turn and allow to come back and do what I've been doing for the last two years. If so why have you put me through 5 months of this for nothing. All he said was that it would have to go through the procedure. i told him that after everything they had put me through I wasn't really sure if I wanted to come back at all. I said that if i was to return I would want it in writing that I would never be asked to do anything that would compromise my disability and that I would expect all the snide comments and back stabbing to stop. (I often used to get comments passed on to me that some of me colleges were whinging and moaning about 'how come he's allowed to get away with sitting in there all day while we're out here doing all the work.) He said you could never stop things like that happening. But surely that is discrimination and don't my employers have a duty to protect me from things like that. Again all he kept going on about was 'What do you want to do' I really don't want to go back into that atmosphere at all but am worried if I say that i am fed up with it all and just want to leave they will see that as a weakness on my part and an excuse for them to get away with as little as possible. He seemed surprised that I knew about other options such as compromise agreements etc. Anyway i have asked him to send me a copy of the Company's Grievance Procedure. (Of course he didn't have one in the office to give me) By the way the lady at head office rang me back yesterday to tell me that they had posted the P60's out to our site on May 27th as it was the law that we receive them by 31 May. My manager gave me mine this morning claiming that they had only arrived yesterday 9 June !!!! Anyway, I'm still very confused as to what I should do. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  6. The Duty Manager would not cover for that long as he is on call and could be called anywhere on the airport at a moments notice. Doesn't happen very often but he still needs to be available. Unfortunately I'm not in a company pension scheme. having had four different employers in the last 12 years (which we could all see was going to happen) none of us joined any of their schemes. We'd just have loads of little pensions all over the place. I'm 55 in August. I do have an old Superann. scheme from years ago when I was with the NHS for ten years and I have a private pension also from a lump sum transfer some years ago, so i could inquire about those. To be honest this has caused me so much distress that i really don't know if I want to return to work there. I just feel that at my age and my disability and given the current job climate I'm going to find it very hard to get another job and in a way i resent them for basically 'throwing me on the scrapheap' I would be prepared to accept an early retire offer if it was realistic in terms of me surviving till I find employment elsewhere. My 'Occupational Health [email protected] report did state my problems fall with the DDA so do you think the Company would be wary of that and make a realistic early retirement offer?
  7. one other thing i forgot to mention. Irrelevant but it shows you what I'm up against. it's now June 9th and I have yet to receive my P60. i rang head office payroll early this morning. She said to give her 15 mins to check and she would ring back. Four hours later I'm still waiting.
  8. Bigredbus, do you remember that stomach bug that was affecting everyone in January 2009, I had 4 days off with that. I had two days end of April 2009 with a cold. Then nothing until I signed off at the end of January 2010 with depression.
  9. The intercoms are never diverted to radios, they are always manned by the office. The intercom system is based in the same room as the Duty Manager so if he is in the building he will always relieve me for a two minute break. As for tea breaks etc. as I was sat a at a desk i would often take these 'on the run' as it were, during quieter periods. Otherwise the other members of my shift would cover me for half an hour or so to fit in with their breaks. my-spirit-soars-free i don't see how they can argue that because if someone is on break and I have to go and cover their duties they still have to then find someone to cover me on the intercoms. Why not just leave me on the intercoms and that other person can cover the break.
  10. Hi, thanks for that. let me give you a bit more detail. My medical condition definitely falls within the Act. The 'Occupational Health Medical' doctor confirmed this and also has told the company that they should consider making 'reasonable adjustments' to accommodate my disability. before they restructed there was four of us a each shift doing 12 hour shifts, days and nights. Of the four one would patrol the car parks in a van and responding to any equipment failures. one would patrol the car parks on foot litter picking etc. One would be manning the intercoms in the office which have to be manned 24 hours a day. And the fourth member would be like a float covering breaks and assisting wherever needed. In theory we were supposed to rotate each day so everybody did a bit of each function. since my illness was diagnosed 2 years ago I have been allowed to stay in the office manning the intercoms. I perceived this as the company having made 'reasonable adjustments' to accommodate me. Under the new regime there are now five on each shift. Remember we are now covering not just our previous duties but also now the Valet service and covering the terminal front. So straight away you can see that we are understaffed before you even start on breaks holidays sickness etc. I have been off for over four months so i don't know if it still applies but they were not letting anyone do overtime preferring to call agency workers in instead. My point is that it doesn't matter how short staffed we are the intercom buttons HAVE to be manned constantly. So their argument about maybe I would need to work elsewhere on the site doesn't hold up. Why would they need me to do other duties and then have to get someone else into the office to man the intercoms. If they've been making 'reasonable adjustments' for the last two years how come that suddenly has to stop when the same job and the same function remain. From past experience the early retirement package is likely to be 3 months wages and any holiday due. If I was to accept this does that exclude me from taking further action like unfair dismissal or disabled discrimination etc. If the package is rubbish should I resign and then go down the constructive dismissal route. Can i submit a grievance whilst still off sick.Unfortunately my depression is making it very hard to me to think straight on any of this and i really need some guidance on how to go forward. In answer to Sidewinders point i have only ever been told verbally why my proposals are not acceptable to them. The day the restructuring was announced the senior manager decided he was needed at other sites and did not make an appearance at work. Every time I approached my manager I was told that they didn't know what was happening either. As to signing the new contract. there were two versions of that, one for those of us that has previously been TUPE'd and one for those that hadn't. we had to choose which one to sign and were given a deadline. we were told that if we signed neither that it would be construed as we didn't accept them and that we had resigned. i hope this makes it all a bit clearer.
  11. Hi, this is a bit complicated but I'll try to keep it simple. I work for a company that runs the car parks at an airport. I have been there 12 years but for four different companies as the airport keeps contracting the car parks out to different companies but i have been TUPE'd over each time. In late 2007 I was getting a lot of pain on walking and/or driving. I was eventually diagnosed with Peripheral Vascular disease which basically means my arteries are clogged up and there is not enough blood circulating in my lower limbs. At this time i wrote to my Manager asking to be excused from any duties which would cause me pain. he asked for confirmation from my GP which he duly received. Since then I have been allowed to do office work, manning the customer help buttons, monitoring the cameras and car park equipment. The company runs (or rather did run) three different operations at the airport. The bit i was involved in and also a valet service and also an operation covering the terminal front. Although all working for the same company each of these operations had it's own staff, shifts and pay structure. Just before Christmas they decided to restructure the whole thing and amalgamate all these operations into one. So everyone would be working the same shift pattern, all on the same wages etc. They issued a new job description. During the consultation process not once was I told how this would affect my position. We were promised one to one interviews but that never happened. I asked a few times how this would affect me but it was just shrugged off each time. I eventually got so worked up about this that I ended up being signed off with depression in late January. I'm still off now with the same thing. In mid April I wrote to my manager asking him for a written assurance that I would not be asked or expected to do anything that i couldn't do due to my disability. He wrote back asking for a meeting which we had. At the meeting he said I could not carry on doing the job I had been as if we were short staffed or anything I may be needed to do things that I am incapable off. I asked why I couldn't I just carry on being allowed to do the job I had been doing for the last two years without any problems. His response was to tell me that he would be talking to HR to see if they could work out a package for me to retire early on ill health grounds. They conseqently sent me for an 'Occupational health Medical' and I've got another meeting with the manager this week where I assume he's going to tell me about this early retirement package. My question is this. Have I got grounds to take them to an Employment Tribunal on the grounds of disabled discrimination?
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