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  1. Does Royal Mail have a policy of not delivering parcels under certain circumstances. Without fail, I always receive a red card through the door when I am expecting a delivery. There is never any attempt to deliver the parcel and I am just sent a card. I have been in the house many times and the post man has not attempted to deliver a parcel, he mearly posts a red card along with the rest of my mail. Don't RM have a duty to post parcels?
  2. I'd request the original interest rate you were offered, and refund of the product fee. Seems reasonable to me. Maybe you could work out if your interets cost would have been less than your rent and ask for that difference back aswell. Asking for the full rent would be a bit rich as you would have had to pay your interets payments if you had moved in on time. I did not mention the capital part as this is not a true cost to you.
  3. Go down the pub and watch it. 2 birds, one stone
  4. Nope, its a Honda S2000 and looks like it will from all accounts. Maybe be worth writing to Honda UK explaining my disappointment and that it is a common error blah blah blah. See what they say. No need to tell them I bought it second hand (unless asked) but they will probably work that out. Nothing ventured nothing gained. New roof is anywhere from £800-£1200. So not cheap
  5. So there is never a case where you can go after the manufacturer when they produce a good that through design will fail prematurely (warranties aside)? It's always the retailer?
  6. Yeah, I bought it second hand. Surely that cannot waive a manufacturers obligation to produce an item that is inherently faulty...
  7. I bought a car privately a few months ago that has a fabric roof (soft top). I've since noticed that there is a patch of fabric that is wearing on the inside that will eventually tear and render the roof useless. The wear is caused by part of the roof frame rubbing on the fabric as the roof folds. Being a member of a forum for the car, I've come to realise that this is a common problem with the car and alot of owners have the same issues i.e. roof wear in the exact same spot caused by the frame rubbing as it folds. The car is coming up to 4 years old and I would expect a roof to la
  8. I finally got a mandate through for the correct amount (approx 350) so i will take that along to the bank and get this cleared up. Should keep a better handle on my finances...
  9. I thought councils couldn't fine you for parking and if they tried, then it was invalid or am I getting confused with something similar?
  10. On their own site in the FAQ, it states: There was no balance, no payment was due. Will write to them to get this sorted. Will probably have to chase them next month when I will most likely get charged interest on the Fee, sigh
  11. It was a credit card. What happened was this: 12 Apr - Payment received £1000 12 Apr - Balance £0 19 Apr - DD request £5 19 Apr - DD returned uppaid 19 Apr - Payment Returned Fee £12 So I paid of the remaining balance well before the DD was due then canceled the DD with my bank. DD day comes up and balance is 0 but they still try to take payment, stupid!
  12. Ah, the DD was for £5! It's something like "2% of balance or £5 whatever is greater" £5 is obviuosly greater than 0 so lets try and take £5. Idiocy! Thanks rory, I'm up to speed with the legislation, I'm just ranting
  13. Have a DD set-up with Virgin Money which had been running no problem for past few months. Then last month I pay off my balance and cancel the DD with my bank. Then I get my statement in this month expecting to see a zero balance but notice they tried to take the DD (over a week after they received my payment to clear the balance) but it gets returned (of course, I cancelled it cos the balance was nill!) so I get slapped with a £12 returned paymet charge. I mean, are they for real?? My balance is zero, they try to take payment for a zero balance, it fails and I get charged! I promptly
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