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  1. it was puzzling me too. i cannot find the original documents, so have decided to take your advice and CCA all dca's. my wife remembers me dealing with blair, oliver and scott for 2 of my debts the £7000 loan from bank of scotland and the £2000 debenhams debt. so i think another trawl through the loft for paperwork is in order volac123
  2. hi the ccj has been paid at £5 per month for the entire time. the other debts are :- Capital one - approximate debt £1600 vanquis - approximate debt £3300 J D Williams - approximate debt £300 debenhams - approximate debt £2000 all are paid at £5 a month no i have not used cca's as i continued paying the agreed amount that i had arranged with original creditor when i received the "we have handed this account to our collection department letter". feeling a little daft now volac123
  3. hi all, I have a ccj with Cabot for over £7000 which I have been paying regularly for atleast the past 10yrs. i have started receiving letters from them stating:- "We need your attention - potential legal action", "your credit file indicates that your situation may have changed", The ccj relates to a loan from Bank of Scotland, my situation has not changed, my only income is carers allowance (all other benefits go direct to disabled wife). i do have other debts and pay them off at the same rates per month £5 each, at least one of these debts is held by cabot
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