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  1. Dear All, Earlier this month I put a post on about wether it was possible to get a default for £150 removed for Acto/ Albis. I rang and spoke to a rep and said that during the time of the default my father had passed away and I was abroad, I had also spoken to look again who held the original debt explaining the same situation. Look again explained they couldn't do anything and Acto said they would remove it but could not provide a letter, hence i cant provide the proof they would remove it to any other agencies! Low and behold today Acto Albis has vanished. Gone, disappeared. Before I get very giddy I am checking with Call credit and Equifax but wow! Feeling rather smug today!
  2. Ok I get it now satisfied still reads as bad rather than partially satisfied. However I would still like to try to remove this due to the circumstances at the time. I have the date's of who I spoke to is it worth a letter to head office do you think?
  3. From my understanding of my report the debt was sold to EOS and the debt shows as Acto Albis. The default is marked as Satisfied. What is the difference between satisfied and settled?
  4. I'm afraid Jordan is right here, the bank I worked for only recruited people for their bad debt side who could be emotionally cold. However some of the staff were older. I left after getting chewed with the same old same old. The bank I had worked for had strict lending procedures and it was really hard when you heard some of the stories.
  5. I have to say I do feel sorry for you Jordan I worked for a bank a long time ago and you can get people who are very rude about the situation or keep putting themselves there. However it is nice when you get someone who is willing to listen and have the situation explained.
  6. Does anyone think its worth writing to the head guy with an explanation offering death certificate and advising of what their staff have done; Stuart Kinock EOS Solutions UK - With head and heart in finance: Management Team
  7. Can he be covered by any insurance?
  8. Dear All, In 2008 I lost my dad, I fell behind on a catalogue bill and was forking out for flights to Spain nearly every other week in his last few weeks. Look Again sent my debt to EOS. The grand Total of £5. Because of the circumstances I paid the thing. With their charges for letters the final bill comes to £155. This is now showing as a default on my file. Two years down the line and my circumstances have changed and I am now starting to think how can I appeal to remove this. So wrote/ spoke to Look Again who have said they cant do anything about it and to speak to EOS. Called EOS who kindly advised they remove it (hang on there is a flaw) I asked for a letter to prove this to the other credit agencies. Sure no problem. One week later I call back as no letter and the team leader who did this for me said she cant send a letter as technically she shouldn't have done this. So a bit of advice. Where do I go from here? Do I write to the head of customer service for EOS advising of what they have done? Do I ask for a copy of my original credit agreement? And just to be super cheeky does anyone have a contact name for the head of customer service at EOS also trading as ACTIO ALBIS. Thanks to all for reading and any help in advance
  9. Have you tried typing into Google? site:consumeractiongroup.co.uk Chase Saunders - Google Search
  10. Lloyds TSB Credit Cards - Page 3 - MoneySavingExpert.com Forums Hope this help
  11. Wow Kelvo you have been through the mill with all this! Have you read through these website's? http://www.learnmoney.co.uk/credit-file/remove_default_notice.html How to Remove a Default Notice from your credit file
  12. Dear all, I have a default on my file for a company called Acto which was taken over from look again catalogue. I have been reading the below link and due to family circumstances i.e. poorly family member overseas and subsequently dying I am thinking of try to get this removed. Small Defaults (under £500) - How to get them removed | LearnMoney.co.uk Has anyone every done this and did they have any success? can anyone recommend a good link for some letters to send?
  13. Hopefully this link from Cifas should help I would dispute these I dispute a CIFAS warning recorded in my name. How can I get it amended or removed? - CIFAS Online Try this previous link as well http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general-consumer-issues/17281-cifas-warning.html
  14. If its any help shop direct is now know as very previously additions!
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