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  1. Thanks honeybee13 ... my main query is about the JSA (UC) part x
  2. Hopefully somebody will be able to help me. Background:: My 18 year old son was recently working for a company who made him sign a contract that the first 80 hours were training & that there were training fees of £400 if he was to leave in the first year or they terminated him. Anyhow, the dismissed him after 2 weeks saying they didn't feel he was right for the job (he had worked just short of 80 hours). His wage should have been £355, but he never received 1p due to the training fee deduction (£400). He was previously on JSA (under the Universal Credit umbrella), he informed them when he began the job. He signed back on after losing the job. The company he worked for has sent him his P45 which shows the £355 earnings on it, this has now caused some problems:: DWP have just phoned my son to say they have deducted £150 from his UC/JSA due to his unreported earnings of £355 (which he actually never got as they were held back for training fees). He explained the situation to them on the phone, but they are going from his P45. When he signed back on he explained them he wouldn't physically see any wage due to the training fee. Dates may help: Started the job: 4th May..... Dismissed 18th May.... Signed back on 19th May He received only £95 today due to the deduction is this correct? or should he in fact not have this deduction made due to not physically receiving a penny. (he is paid UC/JSA monthly)
  3. I have been interviewed under caution twice & accused of working/earning money. The accusation was made by a person I have had to take to court for money they owed me from part time employment which paid £20 per week, which I was allowed to earn, this person at the time was a friend & agreed to save the money up for a special occasion. I then set up my own business after a falling out with them, they took offence at me setting up a business the same as theirs so refused to pay me what they owed. I won at court after them lying & me proving they lied. However due to me taking them to court they have been to DWP & lied about the amount I earned. This has been going on for nearly a year now, I don't think I can take much more, my health is suffering required operations etc, depression is very bad. I have asked them to get things which will prove it is lies (receipt books etc), but nothing I have said is taken into account, they still haven't got any of this I have asked for which can prove the lies. This ex-friend has also said I have never told them I had a disability, which again is lies. I have witnesses they were fully aware & have taken me to & from hospital for treatment/operations. So now they have requested I pay back Income Support for a period of around 8 months.. I am appealing that at present with welfare rights. I have had my DLA cancelled for a period of approx 18 months which I had been paid, again request for the money back, today I have received council tax overpayment letters. I have been off benefit since setting up my own business. I do some work for somebody else as I'm self employed, they have been approached now for a written statement.. why I have no idea, as I am not claiming anything.. all I can think is because I am fighting them they are not happy. I have done nothing but cry for months. I can't believe they are believing the lies of somebody I have taken to court. There is no evidence just his statement, because there is no evidence.. there is however things to show it's lies, but I am unable to produce this, they won't entertain or look at the court papers & proof of the lies there. I have written letters requesting they gain other proof (receipt books), mentioned it at both interviews, still they won't get it. How can they say I don't have a disability when I have been being treated for it since 2005, have undergone neurosurgery more than once. They have based their decision to claim DLA back & not renew based on the investigation & the lies told them. I came out the 2nd interview under caution & was unable to drive for 2 hours as I was hysterical in the middle of a busy town centre, 2 days later I was admitted to hospital as my illness is made worse by stress, I then underwent 3 neuro operations within 6 weeks. I cannot cope with this any more, I cannot prove my innocence if I am not given the chance to do so. A person who I do some work for now is aware of what is going on as he has received letters from 'fraud investigation' & a phone call stating they want a statement from him & they may be taking me to court.. how dare they say this to someone I do work for when I have done nothing wrong! I did phone them after that call & ranted at them for 30 mins & told them when this was over I would take them to court for slander etc & to take me to court as at least I can put my side across & produce my witnesses & hopefully ask a judge to get receipt books etc. How can they treat people like this & not let them prove their innocence, put them through nearly a year of utter hell to the point of suicide?
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