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  1. I’ve just started filling in my form (I’ve been having a bad week) and notice on the form it says only send them gp letter etc you already have and not to ask for anything new? What do I do in regards to that? I also can’t find my tribunal report unfortunately I have everything else but that. Can you request a new one or would that data be long gone?
  2. Thanks so much for all that info. I’m going to keep reading and make notes as I go along. Can my partner write a statement for me explaining what impact my illness has on my life etc? I will also ask my GP for a letter. Psychiatrist said they couldn’t offer one last time but no harm in asking again. I’ll be focusing on the mental health part for my questionnaire, however since my last medical I have been diagnosed with having 4 slipped discs which has led to my addiction to the painkillers I’m taking every day for it. They alleviate my symptoms to an extent but at times I’ve be
  3. Thanks for your positive words, I just can’t help feeling doubtful, I know how terrible the medicals are. I felt last time whatever I said was totally twisted. I remember at one part being asked what my daily routine was and I said I didn’t have one as all the medication I take makes me feel terrible and very tired, so was just bluntly asked if I stared at the walls all day. Are you allowed to record these interviews?
  4. I just read that if you fail your medical you have to sign on to jsa!? What do I do if that happens? I’m too unwell and have too many issues/problems right now - I don’t know how I’m going to be able to go into the job centre everyday and actively look for work. I never realised this was what you did before as last time I just got a note from my GP and went straight on to appeal. They really do make things difficult for people that are unwell
  5. Thank you for your replies so far guys, I know I’ve been through this process before but I know a lot of things have changed since I last appealed etc. I feel a bit out of my depth all over again and clueless as to what to do. Just thankful I’ve got a little bit of time to get things together before I have to send the questionnaire off.
  6. Hi everyone; I’m a returning member and am looking for advice regarding the dreaded work capability questionnaire that’s just come through the post. I knew it was looming as it’s been some time since my last one. I last had a tribunal in 2012 which I won and was placed into the WR group. My illness hasn’t changed and I’m on new medication since the last appeal but since it’s been so long I feel out of my depth again. I have 4 weeks to send the forms back off and would really appreciate any help, advice or guidance. Anxiety is now through the roof, as expected
  7. I have informed both my bank & hers & they have put a block on her account & notified the fraud team. Wouldn't it be more sensible for me to hang on to the item until the police contact me otherwise it's losing a part of my evidence? My bank said there was nothing they could do but hers said that if the fraud is proven they will ''try'' to refund money. I'm not holding my breath though. I really don't want to have to go down the route of taking her to court but I guess I will have to should it come to it.
  8. Oh no she is most definitely selling things in bulk such as clothing, shoes, hair straigteners, extensions etc. She has an official business name on there & you can clearly tell these are things she's selling that are not second hand bits etc. I've just saved the ad in which she advertised the phone & have also photographed it just incase she tries to remove it. To be honest I didn't doubt it because she gave me so much info, surely a fraudster would be a little more intelligent as to not give away their home address and all their details. She's trying to now tell me that she's cal
  9. is she classified as a business seller? she does have a business page on the site but i'm guessing it's not official.
  10. I have found the advert for which she was advertising the phone, which also shows she has lied because she stated to me that it was a phone her partner bought for her that she did not want...but on the advert it states that it was an upgrade. I did not notice this at the time as I sent her a personal inbox message & she then started her web of lies. So basically I have the ad she posted, all our message history, the lies about the imei of the phone, a video of me opening it to prove the contents are fake & not as described etc as well as a receipt from my bank to prove I paid her.
  11. I do have all the photographs she sent me including one of the phone & one of her bank statement. I don't have a pic of the advert as it was just a post but I could try to look for it. I do have a log of every message though including the first message I sent to her asking if she still had the phone for sale. She has a business page on this social network where she sells various things which I now believe to all be fake. I messaged her & she stated I got what was described but that is absolute rubbish. I also made a video of myself opening the parcel to prove its contents.
  12. Hi, I'd like some advice if anyone has any with regards to a [problem] i've just been ripped off with. Within a social networking site there is a page where you can sell things within your local area etc & a lady was selling a phone. I privately messaged her & asked if she still had it to which she replied she did. She sent me a photograph of the back of the phone box which stated the gb of the phone, model etc & said it was brand new unopened etc. She provided me with her name, address & sent a photograph which showed a bank statement with her name/address at the to
  13. just a quick update, I won my tribunal I didn't get as many points as i;d anticipated but enough for me to pass & I got put into the WR group. It did say something about not assessing the appellant for 18 months. Does this mean I won't have to attend a medical until then? it sounds too good to be true so I won't be holding any hopes up for that. It is bad enough having to go to a tribunal but then even worse knowing you've won but won't be allowed the time to get better due to the dreaded atos medical making you go round in circles again.
  14. I also have my esa tribunal this week, phil did you take anyone from welfare rights with you or just a friend? I couldn't get anyone to come with me as welfare rights said they couldn't so am just taking my partner. I also suffer from anxiety & depression so the whole thought of having to sit infront of a panel is terrifying
  15. Thanks will keep you posted
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