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  1. Hiya Just an update. 14 days from the LBA runs out on Monday. Recieved a leter today: Dear Mrs Chica Re Your current account I refer to your letter dated 12 July 2006. We did in fact respond to your letter dated 30/06/06 on the 7/07/06. I cannot concur with you that fees have been placed on your account are unlawful. These fees are clearly scheduled in your terms and conditions and have been agreed by yourself in signing of the contract to open the account. Having reviewed your account I can advise you that the default notice issued to you on 24/12/2004 shows a true reflection on the way you conducted your account. Under the banking code we have a legal obligation to show this on your credit file. We will not be looking to remove this. I am sorry that this letter does not provide you with the response you are seeking however I trust this clarifies the matter for you. Should any of your concerns remain unresolved please let me know what you'd like me to do to put matters right. We are keen to resolve your concerns, if we are unable to do so we'll provide you with details of how to contact the Financial Ombudsman Service for assistance. If I do not hear from you withoin the next 8 weeks I will assume you are satisfied with our response. Yours sincerly Peter Scarth. Customer Care Manager Collections and Recovery What do I do now folks? Can I start my court cliam now or should I still wait for Monday?
  2. LBA letter sent today!!! 14 days...roll on!!!
  3. LBA letter sent today!!! Roll on 14 days!!!
  4. I'm gonna go with my original calculation of £0.91 as I've gone through the statements again and again. I reckon that is probably right as am only overdrawn for a few days before the salaries go in again. Gonna post it today!!
  5. I am still confused about this interest that Abbey have debited from my account over the two years. I still get it to be £0.91. I tried to download the openoffice last night because I don't have Excel to use the spreadsheet for interest caculation. It told ne it would take 6 hours so I left it overnight and when I got up this morning my computer had an error on it!!!!!!!! What can I do? Chica
  6. Hiya again!!! I've gone through my past statments again and can only find £0.91 deducted from my account under 'interest charged while overdrawn'!! As micheal says this can't be right!! Any ideas folks? Chica
  7. Hiya just getting ready to send my lba letter tomorrow but am wondering whether I have calculated the interest they have charged me while being overdrawn correctly. I make it out to only be £0.91 Could this be right??? Ta Chica
  8. Thanks mechs...should I send the letter as soon as or wait for the 14 days? Chica
  9. Hiya I was assuming that there was no interest or charges being applied anymore as I'm payingn off my debt through a dmp at £4.26 ish per month. I have statement s to prove that this has been coming of my balance since Nov 2005. Anything else you need to know, just give me a shout. Many thanks for your help and support guys. Chica
  10. Thanks Mechs I really appreciate all the help I recived from you guys!! Just taking one bank at a time!! Come on my money!!!! Chica
  11. Hiya folks...just keeping you updated!! Recieved this letter this morning.. Dear Mrs Chica I refer to your letter recieved 6th July 2006; naturally I am concerned that you have found cause for complaint and at the outset please accept my apologies that you have not recieved an earlier response. I appreciate your concerns regarding the above account and please allow me to explain HBOS Disagrees with the legal analysis of default fees outlined in the OFT's statement published in April. However, the group has today confirmed that it will be reducing default fees across its credit card product range to £12 from 1 August 2006. Until that date, all existing terms and conditions apply. Our charges on current accounts are a genuine pre-estimate of costs that generally arise when customers breach their agreements with us. They cannot take into account the individual circumstances of each particular case. In the circumstances we do not agree with you that they represent an unlawful penalty or unfair term under the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contractsregulations. Please note that we are at this time working in conjunction with the Office of Fair Trading and although they belive charges are to be no higher than £12 there has not been any legislation passed which would force us to reduce our charges on our Bank Account products at this time. It is the customers responsibility to ensure that funds are available to cover charges being debited from their account as we give you an adequate notification period of 28 days to allow you time to do so and also adevise that you will recieve further charges if your account is not conducted so. I note from your account that charges were incurred correctly in accordance with your signed terms and conditions of your account. You have been in an unauthorised overdraft facility since Feb 2005 with very little attempt to bring the account back into credit hence the reason your account is now held with our recovery agents ..... Please contact them immediately to ensure a repayment arrangement is agreed to avoid further legal action being pursed. The address for contact should you have any future queries is: ..... I have as a gesture of goodwill cancelled pending charges due to be debited 31st July 2006 to avoid escalation of your balance at this stage. I am sorry that this letter may not provide you with the response you are seeking however I trust this clarifies matters for you. You will find enclosed a copy of our leaflet explaining our complaint procedure. Should any of your concerns remain unresolved please let me know what you'd like me to do to put matters right. We are keen to resolve your concerns, if we are unable to do so we'll provide you with details of how you can contact the Finacial Ombudsman Service for assitance. If I do not hear from you within the next eight weeks I will assume you are satisfied with our response to your letter. Yours sincerly Lianne Sailsbury Customer Care Manager On behalf of Retail Bank Collections. What should I do now folks??????? As far as I was aware, this account was dealing dealt with a different recovery agent from the one they say and I have been making monthly payments to them since Nov 2005 with proof!!! I also thought that all interest and other charges had been frozen on this account? Whats going on?? Anyone suggest a really good letter to return to them??? Don't forget its £1676 I'm claiming back!!! Ta folks Chica
  12. Hiya folks, Recieved this letter from Abbey today Dated 30th June Dear Mrs Chica Thankyou for contacting us and I am sorry that you have been so unhappy that you felt you must complain. One of my team will be responsible for investigating your compliant and I have enclosed our Compliants leaflet, which explains our procedure for doing this. Hogh quality customer service is of great importance to us at Abbey and we will do everything we can to resolve your compliant in a timely and satisfactory manner.I know it is important to you that we resolve your compliant quickly, but we want to do a thorough investigation and sometimes this can take time. I f we have not contacted you you before then, we will write to you in 4 weeks to let you know what is happening. Although I do not know what the outcome will be, I do hope that we will be able to find a solution that you are happy with. Yours sincerly Marc Winder Head of complaints. Standard fob off letter I realise!!! I sent my request for repayment on the 26th but they didn't sign for it and therefore recieved until the 30th. Which date should I use for my LBA? Thanks folks. Have applied for a parachute account with the co-op just in case the Abbeuy gets shut but its gone to the underwriters. What exactly does that ,mean??? Thanks for all your help!!! Chica
  13. Hi folks How long do the Abbey normally take to reply to letters? I sent the request for repayment last week and am now jumping every time the postie comes!!! Also got my June statement today with another £125 charges on it!!!! Really must sort my finances out!!!!!!! Chica
  14. Yes this account was defaulted on 24 dec 2005. I have been paying back £4.23 ish for the last 4 months as per dmp with debtcare. Does this make a difference to my claim? You've got me worried now!!! Chica
  15. Am claiming £1676 form the 'lovely' people at the Halifax!! My account was suspended in Jan 05 as I couldn't pay back my unauthorised od and excess bank charges!! The balance of that is now £1005.76 so when I win it'll leave me cash spare yyyyyyyyyeeeeeeesssssss!!!
  16. Update!!! Sent my repayment of charges claim letter on the 26/06/06 for £1791!!! They have recieved it and signed for it today (30/06/06) My fingers are crossed!!!!
  17. Hi all. Am claiming back £1767 from Abbey. Is a schedule of charges just alist for them to confirm the amount ie. date, amount, type of charge etc. Thanks for your help Chica
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