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  1. Just to update, we have employed a loss assessor to take over our claim. They have advised us to chose our tiles etc and once the walls are dry they will buy and install etc. The situation with the house next door is now with the local council, although they are dragging their heels. Thanks Chica
  2. The situatuion seems to be much worse than we thought. We removed the units that held the hob and oven today to find that the wall behind is completly soaked through - dehumidifier is currently doing its work on that. We spoken to the enviromental health who haven't really said much. The councils enforcement team is now in the act too as they have details of the 'owner' so will be interesting to hear what they say. Nextdoor now has slates moving on their roof which seems to me to be the effects of slight movement in that property as we have had no trong wind/rain over the last two days which could have caused that. We've also spoken to our local councillor who is now championing our case!! The reason for us to locate a loss assessor is that we don't seem to be getting anywhere with the insurance/loss adjustor. They just want to patch up and go rather than get to the undelying problem of removing the water and we thought the loss adjuster could potentially help us. Need to get some quotes from builders this weekend to replaster and retile the whole kitchen wall. Will keep updating here. Chica
  3. Good morning all. I've come asking for help! We live next to an old abandoned property which was allegedly bought by a property manangement company recently. On Tuesday afternoon, we noticed some water dripping from our extractor fan onto the hob. The extractor fan etc is all on the dividing wall between our house and the abandoned derilect place. We called the Property Management company after identifing that the water was coming from there. He said he was going to get in touch with his maintenance man and get in touch with us. 3 hours later and there has been no contact from him or his maintenance man and water is now all over my kitchen floor and seeping out of my back wall. Phoned my insurance, who told me to call the water board, called water board who told me to call the council, called the council who told me to call the police! Police came out and gained entry and tried to isolate the water, they couldn't so the fire brigade were called. They came and managed to turn off the water, which was gushing, like taps on full blast gushing! The fire brigade advised us there was 2 or 3 inches of standing water in the property and they could hand ball it all out but there would be a charge and perhaps it would be better to get the owner to do so. Now the hous enext door, doesn't have floorboards or flooring downstairs. The previou owner dug it up about 4 years ago and has never relaid anything so its just sand/concrete/scree etc. So for there to be 2 or 3 inches of standing water must mean that the water cannot go any further down? Called my insurance company the next day to make a claim (something which I have never done in my whole entire life so have no idea what to do!!) The insurance company said they would send a loss adjustor round. Loss adjustors arrives and tells us the hob and extractor fan is water damaged and cannot be used. That I would need to hire a dehumidifier to dry out my walls/floors and get an electrician in to check if the oven is usable, and that they would try to track down the owner of the next door property as the property management company had advised me earlier in the day that they hadn't actually signed for the property yet as there were missing house deeds and it was in probate. So we have done everything we have been asked to and been advised that the oven is unusable. Where do we go from here? We need to get the water pumped/removed from next door as surely the more time it is in there, the more time there can be damage made to our foundations etc?? I've been in touch with the enrivomental health who won't/can't help me as the property is 'owned' by someone!! Now, I'm stuck with wet walls/floors and no cooking facilities and a horrible stench coming from our kitchen. I'm considering hiring a loss assessor as I really don't know what to do next. Does anyone have any advice or recommendations? Thanks Chica
  4. Cheque recieved in the post today!! 747.17 thankyou Abbey
  5. Update: The 50 pounds was applied to my account as a gesture of goodwill. The Judge gave Abbey a second chance to file their witness statement. It was due to be filed on the 22nd of August. Abbey still didn't file so I rang the court and they told me to request a Judgement by default!! So yet again I won!!! Just waiting for my cheque now!! Thank you Abbey!!
  6. The papers were their witness statement etc. I phoned the court and was told i would have to wait until the 27th when it goes back to the judge for his decision. Should I write to Abbey and say thanks but no thanks for the £50?
  7. Update on the case: Abbey were due to file their court papaers, witness statement etc by 4pm on the 13th. They didn't. This morning, I got a letter from them dated the 12th offering me £50 on a claim of £750. I don't think so....have I not won anyway seen as they didn't file the papers in time? What should I do about this letter? Thanks
  8. Having problems filling out my AQ!!! Need help with N150 Other information: When it says have you attached docs to this questionnaire...is that asking me to attached all letters etc again?
  9. Have recieved the defence from Abbey. Exactly the same from my first claim!!! Do I need to wait for an AQ or do I submit my witness statement now? It's been so long since I've done this!!
  10. I knew it needed about £150 repairs (it was a typo).
  11. Claim issued 20/04/2007. Deemed as served 25/04/2007. Abbey has until 09/05/2007 to reply. Roll on my money!!
  12. 40 days runs out on Monday 23rd April and still not heard anything. What should I do?
  13. chica

    Chica v's Egg!!

    On the letter from Egg it asked me to send further id which would be returned immediately. I sent my passport and council tax bill and still not recieved it back. Should I start getting worried?
  14. Recieved a letter offered full and final settlement of the total amount today stating money will be paid into the account within 5 working days. Letter dated 6th April so I make that the money in my account on the 16th at the latest. I did forget about the default Jonni and I didn't add it on to the particulars of claim. Is it now too late to apply for the default to be removed also?
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