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  1. Hi there , yes been to court and sat in a two and a half hour debate, i have to wait on the outcome by post from the judge, i will post up a full list of events when i get the desicion Thanks so much for eeping in touch and i will describe everything when i receive the decision Thanks to SFU i got this far , his nowledge is fantastic, I think my experiance will benefit everyone whatever way it goes Jamanji
  2. thanks AFW hope your husband is better, I dont think they were there ,maybe it was to see if i was serious about defending which i am Thanks again for your support i will keep you all up to date, going to the court this week to see why it wasnt dismissed and what the judge meant in court Jamanji
  3. Hi folks, Well went to court went up , the judge said are you representing yourself Jamanji ?and i had not replied to a section 22 (i think thats what it was ) so she could not dismiss the case, Another hearing on 14th june the judge said i could argue my case then, They were very pleasant , court was not that bad, Im supposing if it were a complete NO PAY UP the judge would have said that. So this gives me time again to rehears, Thanks SFU and AFW, could not have got this far without your kind support so any more advise would be gratefull When i do go up as i said i will ask , are we protected by the consumer credit act or not, If not why does all agreements have it stamped on it, I might get a deal yet, but today taught me dont be afraid of court if you have not commited a great crime So again to GAG thaaaaanks , it gives you the determination and drive to succeed, Ive not won yet , but im not nervous or afraid of court any more
  4. Hi Folks, Well got a SAR two days ago and go to court tommorow , so heres hoping, either going to win or get hung, still no agreement, but do have unlawfull charges but dont have time to claim, my defence s simple im either protected by the consumer credit act or not, section 127 is either the law or not So al let you know how i get on Jamanji
  5. Nice one Rebel I promise im not
  6. Hi rebel, Cheers , will do, anything to avoid dancing on ice
  7. Hi folks, The latest is from Apex Credit and received a letter stating that they have wrote on numerous occasions with no reply from me, now its passed to field agents who will call at my property at a time which suits them Any thoughts on this for the next step Jamanji
  8. would the 1974 version be basically the same or is it the attached wich stands today
  9. Cheers Cerb 50 lovely pages of reading Grrrreat, must be done though, much appreciated
  10. Where can i get a copy of the above act as i will be going to court and need to do some homework
  11. ltd means limited to the companys liabilities not the directors unless you specifically signed a directors guarantee if not i would fight for a misguided sell , this should be clear on the agreement before you signed it, You will not win a fight unless you fight Try everything before you cave in
  12. Thanks AWF and SFU, I will write to them and keep you both updated, many thanks again
  13. Hi Folks, Just had a reply from my SAR they want me to supply a copy of my driving licence or passport, sounds suspicious to me. I have sent a SAR to 4 others and none of them have asked for this , Is this normal or are they trying to trick me ? not sure , can anyone advise on this as i need the SAR before court Jamanji
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