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  1. He sounds like a chancer that is trying to bully you into giving a refund. My reply would be along the lines of the following,
  2. I am getting letters from Lowell about an alleged debt that is now well and truly statue barred - doesn't appear on my records and is well over 6 years old. The Lowell letter states at the bottom I object to them wasting paper on this nonsense, I do not acknowledge any debt and will never pay them a penny. Do I have any legal right to tell them to sod off and make them stop sending me these letters? ps: they are generously offering me a 75% discount on the 'debt'.
  3. I would suggest maybe they have turned over a new leaf............ but they seem to be listing the same old scrappers on eBay. I can only assume DoEveRYthiNg must be very persuasive.....thumbscrews?
  4. No, if you read though you will see the Op actually said: Very subtle change of words that mean different things. There is a chance they may 're advertise' the car for less money and give the OP back whatever they sell it for next time. IF they offer money back IN FULL personally I would only accept cash as well. Too many of these types of businesses will happily write rubber cheques.
  5. No I'm not missing the point. The OP has not stated there is anything actually wrong with the car. There is no reason to believe anything should suddenly go wrong just as far as I can tell. And as I said if something should happen there is a chance of using the SOGA to get a major fault repaired. You are arguing the dealer wont be helpful should this happen and you are probably right. However what makes you think the dealer will be more helpful if OP goes back demanding a refund now, note he says he will re-advertise it not refund. What makes you think any other dealer will be more helpful, regardless of the crap they write on the receipt? I'm no apologist for dodgy car dealers, I've had several bad experiences myself. But I can't quite see what the OP is upset about really, the words on the receipt are meaningless and she has no more rights if he dealer to print a new receipt. IME all dealers at this end of the market are dodgy to some extent.
  6. I've read though this post and you don't actually mention what is wrong with the car, if anything? Unless there is a fault with the car I can't see how the receipt (which is not worth the paper it is printed on) will affect the future value. You spent 3.5k so my guess is the car is at least 8 years old really. If you keep it for a couple of years it is going to be practically worthless when you come to sell anyway. A warranty is different from the SOGA anyway. You still have some legal recourse under SOGA if some major failure happens in the first 6 months approximately. No court would reasonably believe you spent 3.5k on an everyday car as 'spares or repairs'.
  7. Brilliant news. Virdi, Pittaway and friends have been ripping people off for literally years. It will be interesting to see if the business at Longford road now keeps operating or not.... they still have ads on ebay. What amazes me most is that David Barber (or "Dave Babar" as listed on their ebay ads), is actually a real person... I assumed he was a made up second identity for Virdi or Pittaway.
  8. The problem being you will need proof of delivery and they probably wont even sign for the letter.
  9. Well if you believe in "karma" these guys are certaily well overdue some bad luck..... getting struck by lightening or hit by a bus or something.... I would settle for them just being closed down and not allowed to trade again. However they have been trading for a long time and they seem untouchable and for whatever reason Trading Standards seem powerless to stop them from their questionable business practices. On a wider point it does seem like a common tactic for used car dealers to 'die' and then rise again with a new business name trading in exactly the same way as before. It is like the law allows them to rack up a certain amount of complaints and then just press a reset button without taking any responsibility whatsoever.
  10. Maybe they spend so much of their time telling fibs that they can no longer actually remember what is fact and what is fiction? Was it a fat bald bloke you dealt with?
  11. I strongly suspect the same people are trading under other names as well, but I can't prove it. Take a look at zeen autos "zeenautosuk" on ebay and tell me the advert write ups don't look identical! Some of the cars look like they are photographed in the same location as well. "jmjusedcarsales01" on the london road is another one. I think the number 1 lesson people need to learn here is google the dealer you are buying from BEFORE buying and DO NOT leave a deposit before viewing a car under any circumstances. Most cars are run of the mill/common, why would you need to leave £500 deposit just to view a car? Reputable dealers let you inspect and drive before making any commitment. How this people are legally able to keep operating this type of 'business' I don't know. edit: in fact you can see from this link here: http://www.vehigle.co.uk/used-car/2005-Alfa-Romeo-GT/snwIisIisshiwhslhndh That Zeen Autos has operted from the same address as barbercars / newyearnewcars / midland elite cars at some point in the past. Midland elite cars aka "newyearnewcar" on ebay:
  12. Most likely be their only post as well... still I'm sure potential customers will see all the negative and this 1 positive review of this company and make up their own mind.
  13. How much was the car? I hope you can get your money back but I would think it is quite unlikely given the history of the company in question.
  14. David Barber, Longford cars, Barber car sales, CovCarz, whatever. They seem to be trading as Coventree cars now. Same location opposite the park on the Longford Road Coventry. Same cars listed on their new website, coventreecars.co.uk as on their ebay account covcarz. Same business model, i.e. offer to SWAP/PX anything for anything with cash either way.
  15. They seem to be trading as Coventree cars now, same location. http://www.coventreecars.co.uk/?source=autotrader-desktop
  16. Hi, thanks. Probably worrying over nothing but I just have a bad feeling. I will just have to wait and see when it is redelivered.
  17. I received a royal mail "while you were out" card for a special delivery letter. I can't pick the letter up until next week now. I have no idea who could be sending me a letter, I've not bought anything online recently and it wont be friends or family either. However, I do have a couple of old accounts that are going to be come Statute barred in a few months and lately I have been receiving the usual cycle of garbage from Lowel/Hamptons and Red (threats, discount letters, etc). I have ignored this as they did not reply to my CCA in 2010! I'm now a bit stressed wondering if they have sent this letter and are trying to serve papers or something?
  18. Depressing. Coventry seems to be full of dodgy car dealers and they all seem to know how to play the court system to avoid legal responsibilities.
  19. I don't know whether this is legal or not but given how clearly the terms and conditions are stated and the prices the cars seem to sell for (well below normal dealer prices) it doesn't seem unfair. Given the SOGA is partially about reasonableness I'm not sure how any customer could take it to court and make it stand up? If you buy a car dirt cheap, with declared faults AND a warning it should be considered as needing further repairs how can you expect normal after sales service? There are loads of dodgy dealers around who charge full retail prices and then stick 'sold as seen, no warranty given or implied' on the bottom of the receipt in tiny letters - knowing full well half the cars they sell are knackered and they intend to tell the customer to f-off should anything go wrong. The last car I bought I paid absolutely top whack for because it was coming from an apparently respectable dealer and in 'mint' condition....... needless to say I still got screwed over when it broke down 800 miles later. A least this dealer is totally upfront about the situation - if I had mechanical knowledge and/or a contingency fund I would consider it I'm not sure how the unlimited test drive would work though - who is responsible for insuring that?
  20. Well I have received another threat from these idiots this week (see latest attached PDF). I have triple checked my paperwork and I definitely sent them a CCA back in 2010 which they never replied to properly. So now I am just waiting for them to 'do' something which is making me a bit anxious to be honest. Does anyone know how likely they are to move from threat-o-grams to action? debt is just over 1k.
  21. Does not surprise me at all. This guy / that garage has been 'at it' for literally years. They have been done by trading standards before - fined a huge amount of money too. Problem is they just close down and then reopen under a new name. Some trading names I know of are Longford cars, barber cars, px/swaps, alfies cars, Vicarage motor company.... the list goes on. Common theme is the address off the Longford road Coventry, opposite Longford park main entrance and the fact that their adverts are always a bit shifty - claiming to px/swap anything for anything pretty much. Sorry to say but you wont get any joy trying to go down the court route either. Others have tried it and even with a judgement they don't pay up. Why were you swapping an 04 focus for a Y 01? Mondeo anyway?
  22. As I CCA this account with a previous DCA back in 2010 and never received a reply - is it technically in dispute already or do I have to do it again as it is a new debt collector? I still have a copy of the letter I sent and proof of postage. I recall they sent me some copies of statements from cap1 but no credit agreement at all.
  23. Can anyone say how often these vultures actually follow through with court action/CCJ? Have done the CCA letter tonight, will get it sent tomorrow.
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