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  1. Is there a post anywhere showing which companies are linked together please? Its funny that as I phoned one company yesterday to make a payment suddenly I have 20 spam texts and emails from other PDL's offering me GUARANTEED MONEY FOR THE WEEKEND!!
  2. I phoned the court but it seems impossible to speak to a human being... following the options for a CCJ you just get a record message stating if you want a certificate of satisfaction () you need to send them £15 plus your name and address and reference. I dont want a certificate I just want it cleared from my file... what should I do ?
  3. I think clear account are slightly different though because you have to give them direct access to your online banking account, so I'm not sure it would be a CPA?
  4. I would let them sell it on and then setup a repayment plan with the debt collection agency
  5. Tower Capital are now saying they will forward me an email which I should send to Northampton court to remove the CCJ - surely they should be doing this? Also she said that it can take up to 3 months for a CCJ to be removed from my record? Surely as it should have been removed last year they should be able to get it taken off immediately? Arggghhh!!!!
  6. They said they would email over to the court and CC me into the email, I haven't received the email yet though.. I will call them back next if I don't get the email
  7. It says unsatisfied, that is why I have been trying to get hold of them because I know I paid it off. But they seemed to go off the face of the planet and I didn't have a working contact number for them until invmatt's post above. When I phoned them today they said they def. sent info to the court but that they will send it again today. I'm guess it could take a while to come off my credit file even if the court actions it quickly?
  8. My credit report on Noddle is 1/5, the only thing in the public section is this unsatisfied CCJ. When it gets cleared should my score increase?
  9. I only spoke to them about an hour ago, don't know how long it would take to update?
  10. I got through to them and they said that they emailed the court when it was satisfied (over a year ago), they are going to email them again. Thanks for the phone number
  11. I am going to try that number as they also need to remove a CCJ for me, thanks for the info!
  12. I cannot offer professional advice but I can tell you what I did, and that was to get a new bank account and get my wages and important direct debits moved over to that, and then let the Payday loans default when they try to come out at the end of the month. YES you will get phonecalls and you can either answer them and say that you want to arrange a payment plan, or you can ignore them and email/write to the companies in order to try to setup a repayment plan Once you have one month of not paying off the PDL's in full it will make such a difference, I think its worth the bit of hassle
  13. The advise I would give is to get another bank account as soon as possible, and have your wages paid into that, because it's possible they will still be able to take the money out of your account, and yes people will say that you can claim it back but that is extra hassle if you need the money to pay bills and will just make things worse. Once your money is safe then never give your card details out again and ask the loan companies for the account details so that you can pay them directly
  14. There are loads of companies doing the same thing unfortunately, charging ridiculous amounts up to £70 to 'get you a loan', which you will never get, or if you do it will be an offer from Amigo loans or similar guarantor loan, which you could have applied for yourself anyway. Never pay anyone anything to get you a loan! And never enter card details into such sites!
  15. I jut think it removes any chance of it happening if you open a new bank account. And then do not ever take out another pay day loan!
  16. Count how many times on this forum that someone has told their bank to cancel the CPA and yet the money still got taken out of their account... and if you can claim it back how long does that take, and what do you do in the mean time while you have no money? And as far as I know there is nothing wrong with Halifax and PDL's, as I currently have both.
  17. I would say best to be safe than sorry and get a new bank account for your wages to be paid into. You can get an easy cash account from halifax with no credit check and no overdraft. Telling your bank not to pay the CPA's does not always work.
  18. I have a couple of suggestions, If they have access to your bank account then open a new account (basic Halifax or similar with no credit check) Get their bank details and start paying them £10 month or whatever you can afford. If you cannot get bank details then as a last resort setup a savings account and pay the money into that, then when they do give you their details you can pay them from there The worst that can happen is that it will go to court, you will have to fill in I&E forms and the court will rule that you need to pay x amount per month, which is what you are
  19. Heard this on the news this morning, sounds like it should be good news for the consumer!
  20. The other alternative would be to get a pre-paid credit card, some of them allow you to have your wages paid onto them, although there is usually a small monthly fee (around £5 I think)
  21. they are "active securities" but the only place you tend to see that is when they put a default on your credit file
  22. This is why I think people should move bank accounts like you did, rather than relying on your original bank cancelling the CPA, and possibly getting access to your wages! A lot of people do say not to call the PDL's, but if you have prepared your expenses and are happy to put up with a bit of pressure then sometimes it is faster than waiting for them to start writing letters to you. I have done it in the past with mine and sometimes you just want it out of the way so I bit the bullet and gave them a call.
  23. You could setup one of those expensive phone numbers and then have all calls forwarded to that number so that they have to pay to call you! And then just get a new number for your existing friends LOL
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