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  1. sorry I posted a new thread as I thought it being about the leaving date was a totally different question. No outcomes with anything, The company have said that they want him to hand in everything and sign leaving paperwork before his leaving date this month that's nothing to do with applying for the pension (that's seperate). He cant be applying for the pension he is appealing against the decision to dismiss I have previously worked in HR ( many years ago) and unless things have totally changed the leaving paperwork was the final paperwork and you only then took away company propert
  2. I dont know anything definate to help you but my Daughter was awarded lifteime DLA that has now changed and gone to PIP and she has been changed over ok, but this is no longer a lifetime award and will have to be renewed. Other people I know have not been awarded anything and lost all their claim. I do know people that have had to renew DLA every I think it was every 2 years and they are pretty seriously disabled on conditions that will only get worse and not better, you need to cross your fingers and renew if you are still on DLA you shouldnt have the troubles that people are having with the
  3. Hubby has been dismissed by his employer 12 weeks notice, leaving date very near, he appealed the company seem to have deliberately delayed the entire process, took 6 weeks to get a appeal hearing now they are undecided and wanted further information, now after managing to delay getting this for as long as they could they have not yet even requested this information and it is doubtful they will even get this back within a month so think the hearing may be mid January. are keeping normal dismissal date have extended the leaving date for a month saying last working day will be
  4. Thankyou for that any advice if we should do this now or wait until after the decision hearing, even though we know what the outcome is going to be lol
  5. Thank you for the advice, the problem is the time factor since the appeal hearing they have already said he can get the IHP this is on hold untill the outcome of the appeal, they have delayed everything. His company leaving date ( this month)is before the appeal hearing date not even set yet they just said hopefully January this will mean the pension will go to a deferred pension which will mean a lot less.The company have now stated this. He has asked several times about this and was always told it wouldnt be affected I have asked the union rep as well because I know the terms state you ha
  6. Help desperatly needed, sorry this will be a long one. and I cant put in specific details. Hubby has a disability dx 5 years ago that is covered by the equality act, he has been employed by same company for 18 years, no more time off than any other employee and less than some! He was doing his job perfectly ok and the only adaption he has was that he worked a fixed shift, and the other 2 guys sorted out the other shifts between what they preferred. Earlier in the year the company literally decided they didn't want him to go to the new plant that was due to open and set about fabrica
  7. I found this post whilst looking for info regarding my hubbys disability discrimination troubles, re the last post telling you to speak to a lawyer, your union should have one, we have gone through the have been dismissed under grounds of capability then appealed and now on a undecided ( which only means company are now trying to cover their own backs)and we still haven't got as far as a lawyer with the union, Push getting help from them as soon as you can. If your qualify as a disability ( and there are some strange rules ) check here Under the equality act which has replaced the disabilit
  8. He is the registered keeper, has been since around last April, never had anything from DVLA More problems now hes paid the clampers the release fee and sureity fee, had a week off his day job to work all out to get the vehicle back on the road as it was cheaper to do than lose the 160 quid sureity. The tax has been took into local dvla office for proof the vehicle has been taxed. A letter of appeal along with photos of the drive way and garages has been sent off to the dvla. Today he has go ANOTHER fine £291 it says it relates to a section 29 offence using / keeping a vehicle and is listed a
  9. We have photocopies of origional lic, had seen on other forums about hassles with dvla not adding correct groups ( normally seemed to be the motorbike group) but the hassles we had with them are far greater than a group missing. The problem is our local dvla office has told us nothing can be done about it they know there is a problem but cant fix it!
  10. My husband had to inform dvla of a medical condition ( MS ) thats been one nightmare after another, firstly while the lic was away he was entitled to drive everything as the last issued lic, then he got his lic back and they had set everything on it to provisional he phoned then up and it had to go back again this time again he was only entitled to drive as the last issued lic so that meant he couldnt drive anyything, this took a total of 6 months to get sorted out then eventually his licence came back the pink lic is now correct BUT the counterpart shows his towing groups and the 7.5 ton as
  11. Hi all need some advice this morning my friends van was clamped by dvla ( well company working for dvla) He bought it last April and he sent in sorn the following day. now he cant find a confirmation letter for it, he is a trader and has a large amount of cars go through his possession every year. He has received no automatic fine which surely he would have done in 10 months if the dvla didnt have the vehicle sorned. Also had similar problems with my sons bike after he sent in a sorn but he received the Automatic fine around 2 months after the tax ran out! Any way my friends van was park
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