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  1. thanks. thats great, will send the letter to that address.
  2. I'm about to send the first letter to Lloyds TSB, (for my brother) asking for the past 6 years statements. My only problem is working out what address to send the letter to. We live in Scotland. I've had a look on the page for contacts but there are addresses for London & Birmingham. I sent my first letter for my claim (BOS) to the Head Office in Edinburgh and they never received the letter, so I don't want to make the same mistake with this letter. If anyone can help, would be much appreciated. Still finding my way through the maze of links etc.
  3. I would have thought so to. I have now phoned them and the woman on the phone was very helpful, she checked other departments and the letter along with the postal order has never been received. She has put an order in for me to get my statements for no charge but advised me to check whether the Postal Order has been cashed. As I don't have the receipt with me I will need to check the post office tomorrow. I was told that I will receive all the statements within 7-10 days.
  4. I sent the first letter to the BOS on 1st March and I've had no reply from them. I sent it to The Head Office, Edinburgh. I was going to phone before sending another letter to them. can anyone help with what to say, I would prefer to phone them first.
  5. That's the letter away with Postal Order. I just need to wait now and do a bit of reading in the meantime. thanks.
  6. thanks. I'm off to the PO now, so I can get it away tonight.
  7. I've printed off the letter to send to the bank etc. and I need to send a cheque as well. I don't have a cheque book and don't know anyone that has. I feel a bit stupid asking but would a postal order be okay. I asked at the BOS just out of curiosity a while ago, what you would in that situation, as I knew I didn't have a cheque book. I was told to write on the letter for the £10 to be debited from my bank account. I was also told that the BOS had been returning all the cheques that had been sent to them anyway. Can anyone help. I want to send this letter away in the next c
  8. Thanks. I wasn't sure as my name has only been on the account for a couple of months.
  9. Hi, Just want to say hi to everyone. Just finding my way around the site. I'm going to be claiming bank charges from the BOS on my OH's bank account. Just a quick question, if anyone can help. We have put my name on my OH's account, so it is now a joint account, we only did this a couple of months ago. So when claiming bank charges, do I do this in his name only or both our names?
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