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  1. This system seems very similar to PPI in that the consumer is not aware of it happening. What happens is that a bank accepts an instruction from a third party to debit a consumer's account with ANY amount without the consumer's permission. I have been swindled in this way, losing £396.23. I took out an annual car insurance policy in March 2015 for £199 WITHOUT any permission given by me for automatic renewal. On the 02 March 2016 the insurance policy expired. The first I knew about the theft / fraud was an email c.10pm on 01 March saying my account was going to be debited.
  2. I have experience of how bad Consumer Protection is in the UK. Since February 2014 I have had a complaint with - The Ombudsman Service Limited Registered Office: Wilderspool Park, Greenalls Avenue, Warrington, WA4 6HL. Registered in England and Wales. Company registration number: 4351294 VAT registration number: 798 3441 79 - regarding the energy supplier switching process and the criminal activity of Spark Energy in attempting to charge me for gas and or electricity when I have been paying First Utility. The Ombudsman has failed to act, the latest response from them w
  3. I have a very capable lawyer now, but the system is slow and in the meantime I have lost 6 years of my life. My mother, prematurely hers... The so called terrorists have the right action, sadly the wrong targets. Corrupt bureaucrats are the real evil and they exist in every department of government or organisation with powers of authority over ordinary citizens lives, local or national. Democracy is dead.
  4. They ignore POAs and Enduring POAs. The legal system requires, not just expertise, but £ tens of thousands, legal aid is available but there are few lawyers that are any good who will undertake the work due to the time involved.
  5. The authorities are the modern equivalent of the Nazi's. Social Services' departments should be held to account by local MP's and Councillors; but regrettably in some local government areas, Oxfordshire being one, they are not interested.
  6. All financial institutions (FI) are the same, they are not interested in customers unless they can exploit them. For investors, it is much the same. I do not need to borrow so am always looking for top investments for 4 tranches of £25k. We should all keep our own Interest calculations as the FI are adept at making mistakes in their favour. One of their favourites is reducing interest rates at the end of a guarantee period yet refusing to transfer the account(s) to ones with better rates, giving the investor no choice other than to close the account. At this time they are parti
  7. It was a repeat of the programme shown some time ago, possibly late last year.
  8. Visit my website www.freewebs.com/robjameswills for details and beware.
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