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  1. I work in hb and Ctb and have to go to a training session in a couple of weeks re ujm, it run by the jcp. From what I know about it from here. What sort of questions shall I ask, and stuff I can ask to report back here? I can't see the point of us having this training anyway, maybe they are teaching us about it in preparation for when we lose our jobs when uc come in??
  2. You can apply as many times as you want, as pp stated. Get an appointment to fill in form and hand in evidence. We do that as standard with all new claimants, but not every council does unfortunately
  3. Yes we do need to know who carries out the overnight care. If its family members then we needs letter from the gp detailing what arrangements are in place. Unfortunately we can't just use the fact that your mother is on dlach. The phone call would just be to check out who the carer is, whether it was from a charity, recognised body or family. Just tell them what you said here, won't be a problem.
  4. If i were you, I would send the info in yourself.
  5. Plus the council tax support changes will mean further job loses as there is less money in the local economy as people who normally would have spent a few quid in their local shop now don't have that money spare. same with 'bedroom tax' etc What a bright future!!
  6. You have one month to appeal an overpayment Do you know how the overpayment happened? Have you contacted the council regarding it?
  7. http://Www.entitledto.co.uk
  8. Hi! Sorry haven't been on for a couple of days. You would not be set to a fixed amount every week. The way we assess it is, we have your annual accounts, deducted all allowable expenses and calculate it then to a weekly figure . This figure won't change and your hb will remain the same until the next time it's reviewed. Normally once a year. However should tax credits change, or any other change in circs then your benefit will change Hope that helps
  9. If you don't know the address then you don't know it. Council tax have various ways of tracing people Try not to worry
  10. God that would be so nice!! They are having a laugh aren't they!! What do they do to deserve that!
  11. I hope it does help people
  12. Yeah I can imagine it is very annoying to reapply and then it takes a period of time to be reassessed. It does need to be looked at, thing is we are bound by what central government says. unfortunately we have to close the claim and then reopen when circs change ie awarded jsa. If op knows when temp job is due to finish , then maybe when change of circs done, to notify of work, put in new claim straight away for when job is expected to finish. You can claim 13 weeks in advance of when your situation will change and you will be entitled again. However we would have to wait for jsa to be awarded before awarding hb.
  13. Just write back saying that you have no idea, and that you don't speak anymore. That is fine, we accept that as proof. (I am a hb assessor)
  14. Would love to have a 1% pay rise anything would be good, not had one for years
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