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  1. Yeah totally ignore! I overstayed when the store was open and they've totally given up now...over a year on!
  2. It's been over a year now sInce my first letter and I haven't heard anything for over 6 months. My advice would be ignore everything even if you think you're in the right. No point entering into a dialogue with them. They will go away eventually regardless of the circumstances so there's no point wasting your time trying to justify yourself.
  3. Hi guys, I know this post was in 2008, but I'm hoping that some of you are still around! Having trouble with 1%1 myself... I had a contract for a year with them, then received an email in Sep 2010 saying that the renewal was due in Oct 2010 for £16.95. I replied to them straight away saying that I did not wish them to renew my account and that I would be canceling the direct debit. I thought that would be the matter over with and didn't realise that there was a long winded cancellation procedure. When they wrote to me again saying that my direct debit had been declined and I owed them fo
  4. Hi reallymadwoman...thanks for your help! They said that they do have the email on file, but that they are unable to cancel accounts by email and that I should have read and complied with their email back to me which told me the proper route to cancel the account fully. Not had a proper look at the terms and conditions but they on their billing page they have the Direct Debit guarantee which says: 'You can cancel a Direct Debit at any time by writing to your Bank or Building Society. Please also send a copy of your letter to us.' I was just f
  5. p.s I did write to them by email, not letter....I don't know if that makes a difference?
  6. I bought a web-domain from provider 1and1 a couple of years ago and decided I wanted to cancel it just before I was due to pay for it again this year. The website said you can just cancel your direct debit with your bank but please email and let us know that you are doing so, which I did. I got an email back from them saying I needed to contact the billing department to cancel, but I didn't think I needed to having canceled the direct debit, so I just forgot about it. I just had an email back from them saying my direct debit was declined and I now have an outstanding balance.
  7. My circumstances were the same as yours, I followed the advice on here by just ignoring everything and six months later nothing has happened and they've left me alone. Last letter was scariest saying a bailiff was going to knock at my house in 48 hours but thankfully I stuck it out and it was all empty threats! Don't waste your money...the advice on here is good advice! Ignore all letters!
  8. Just an update for anyone interested! Had my final 'bailiffs calling in 48hours' letter(which none did of course) then absolutely nothing since then thanks for the advice everyone! I'm now definitely another advocate of the IGNORE policy
  9. Hi Brookside, I've had a second letter, a bit different from the 1st asking me to let them know if there had been any change in driver details. Think they are fishing to see if I'll give any info on who the driver was. Still just ignoring. Hopefully they'll just go away after another couple of letters
  10. Hi there, I just got a parking charge notice letter from G24 Ltd for staying in Sports Direct car park (used to be No Frills) in St Helens over the alotted 1 hour. Which I actually did, so I have no grounds for appeal. I ALMOST paid it but decided to check it out online first! I was very encouraged by the info on here in the following thread, but I noticed it's from almost a year ago now, so just wanted to double check that the situation is still the same with this company.... http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/parking-traffic-offences/194809-g24-ltd-civil-traffic.html
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