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  1. I have contacted Yvette Cooper, The Wakefield Express, and Watchdog, I intend to do as much as possible now to get my money back that they wrongly got from me, reading all these threads has given me the courage and strength to do something about these horrible people. Wakefield council were of no use, they have no control over the weasles
  2. After ignoring the demands from Excel Parking, I have now received a letter from a debt collector, and instead of a further £40, they now want £81-12, no one will listen to my pleas!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Excel Parking have no compassion, will not hear out anyone`s point, a greedy money making outfit, making money from innocent citizens, who have done nothing wrong.................
  4. After ignoring the demands from Excel Parking, I have now received a letter from Roxburghe Debt Collectors, and the extra amount they now require is £81-12, I am so desperate, I have contacted the council, who say the cannot do anything, I have tried to get through to Yvette Cooper about the matter, and have also contacted the Wakefield Express, what else can I do ????
  5. I have received another letter this morning demanding I pay a further £40, I have tried in vain to e-mail my MP, you cannot send an e-mail and it get through, what should I do next, the letter has threatened bayliffs and court, this is truly frightening me.
  6. I will never shop in Wakefield again, they want local and surrounding areas habitants to use Wakefield as a prospering shopping centre, if people stay away how can it? To be penalized by hideous companies like Excel parking, and as in my case be foolish enough to pay the so called fine, the town does not deserve to prosper, it is just unfortunate for the genuine people who work in Wakefield, that they have a council who let these stupid companies operate there, especially in the hard recession that is going on, you would think the so called goverment officials would do all they could to encourage shoppers, and get innocent peoples money back for them and revoke any authorization that these horrid companies have and get rid of them, come on local goverment officials do what you should be doing and help local people stay local, otherwise more will do as I intend to do, "Shop in another district". Go to york where you can park for free, all day long, and either walk into the town, or ride on the LOW COST buses, which run every 5-10 mins at the free park and rides. Come on people pay a visit to york, the Mothercare there is huge, it is at Clifton Moore. FREE PARKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I paid the fine because I was frightened by the response I got when I rang to complain and the fear of them taking me to court, they have reverted to the £100 because they say I didn`t pay up within the 7days, I got the fine on the 4th February, and paid on the 12th, 1 day over if you count Sunday as a working day, which I thought office workers only did Mon-Fri, how wrong I was. Reading this forum I realize now I am not by myself on this matter, but I do not have the funds to pay the rest of the fine, I couldn`t afford to pay the amount that I did pay, it was pure fear on my part that made me pay the fine, oh how I wish I had found this site first. I am still frightened that they will pursue me for the remainder of the money, I don`t know if I can face having the letters coming through my letter box. HELP !
  8. I am in despair, I received a parking charge for parking outside mothercare, having a twin pushchair and two small babies and visiting mothercare I drove into what I thought was a mother and baby as the signs were iced over I thought it was a mother and baby with it being directly outside the shop, makes sense. When I came back to the car the sun had melted the ice and the sign was visible and it was a wheelchair sign, I put the babies back in the seats and the pushchair back in the car, upon going to my door I found the parking ticket, I approached the attendant who told me it was my own tough luck. I paid the ticket for £60, and then appealed against the charge. I received a letter today from excel parking, saying the appeal is declined and the charge now reverts to £100 and if I don`t pay this they will take me to court. I do not have this money to pay any more, and I am very worried what the outcome will be. Can anyone help me with this matter, I am truly desperate.
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