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  1. Just as an update. BT are saying that if I do not accept their offer of negating the debt only, they will send the debt to a DCA and ask for a default notice to be reinstalled on my account. They refuse to send me a copy of any bills unless I submit a SAR to different department which will cost me £10 and take a minimum of 40 days, by which time my Credit File will be adversely affected again. Should I pay the balance without prejudice whilst I get OFCOM to adjudicate? I feel like they are bullying me to accept an unacceptable offer at this point. Especially as they are
  2. I've got an issue with BT. I was living in a property with a BT Phone Line and BT Infinity Broadband. I paid for each bill in advance via Direct Debit. When I came to move out of the property in July/August 2012 I gave notice of this to BT. As I never generated call charges only line rental fee's I assumed nothing was due as my line rentals were prepaid upto September/October. The property was then occupied by my mother and no further communication was received from BT. I then cancelled the Direct Debit to BT in September as I was trying to keep my bank account uncluttered. BT
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