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  1. Yep, incurring a further charge of £25.25 apparently. I take it this is unusual?
  2. Thanks. I don't need it off my file at the moment so I'll just leave it be. The court said there was a warrant issued too, is this anything to worry about? Just for my own curiosity, why would they not have claimed for the full amount?
  3. Thanks for the advice so far. I now have the details from the county court, which states it was for an egg card and I was sued by Bryan Carter on behalf of Cyclone Asset management. Do you think with the claim not being served to the full and correct address I would have a case to set aside? Obviously, I would need to SAR to get all the information I needed from them, before pursuing this option. Or should I just put it to bed and ride out another year of the CCJ? Thanks
  4. Hi I've been checking my credit report from Experian and Equifax for some time now and all looks to be good. However, I signed up for Call Credit report and was horrified to find it had recorded a CCJ on it from 2007. The address listed was an address I lived at for 6 months between 2004 and 2005. The sum is a measly £200. This address was a house split into flats and and the default is just registered at the main house number (ie. not my individual flat number). I don't know what this CCJ is for and have emailed northampton court for the details. I was never served with the documents and have never had the opportunity to defend myself. I certainly would not have allowed myself to get a CCJ for £200! Any ideas what I can do? I've read somewhere that I can apply for it to be set aside - does this seem a good idea? I'm worried with it being a shared house that there's some foul play. I'm also a bit confused as to why Equifax and Experian haven't showed this CCJ on any of their reports over the years. Any help appreciated. Thanks
  5. Thanks for the advice. I did do a CCA request and they sent me some information, which included a schedule which detailed the original debt plus about 25 of their very own monthly "penalty interest" charges. I was none the wiser about the last payment date. Bank account from back then is long closed too. I'll have a think.
  6. Not got round to complaining yet but will do. When I said "very old" in previous post, it's actually only from from 2006 and was last paid in 2007 or 08 maybe, defaulting soon after.
  7. Thanks for the advice. Having thought more about it over the weekend, I know of only 3 companies that have my work number. The original creditor does not, as this is a very old debt and I have changed employers since. I don't believe my bank would've just given out my work number (It's hard enough for me to get info about me out of them!) which means it must have been one of the other 2 companies. Of these 2 companies, I suspect I know which one it was but, of course, will never be able to prove it! There's simply no other way Cabot could have got it.
  8. Hi Last week and completely out of the blue, I received a phone call on my work number from Cabot. I know what this is about as they've sent me letters throught the post. However, I have never given them my work number and naturally I was horrified that they called me and was dumbstruck and just put the phone down. What I really don't understand his how they obtained this number? Some other company (like my bank?) must have given it to them but I can't see how they would have? I find it a bit creepy and feel that someone has done something with my personal details they shouldn't have. Any ideas on this and how to get them to stop calling me at work? Even if I did want to discuss it with them, I just can't at work! Thanks
  9. Funnily enough, I'm in the exact same boat but for £6.21. I received my default notice today. I cancelled after 3 weeks because they failed to put my details on the motor inurance database causing me to stopped by the police three times - unacceptable in my view. I also cancelled my credit agreememt within the timelimit on a letter they sent to me (5 days) so I don't even think I was a signatory to a credit agreement. In any case, will be calling them on Monday!
  10. No, just asked for a refund. I used the standard template off here for my first request and then just a letter for my second query.
  11. I got a reply from Barclaycard in which they include a new 6 year Schedule and an offer of more hundreds in refunds. Hmm, no explanation was given as to why the previous Schedule stated no charges were incurred for three straight years but the new one included all of the charges of these three years! In any case, their combined offers have now reduced my oustanding balance by over 90%!!
  12. Hi all I finally got around to sending off a letter requesting the penalty charges on my account are refunded. Barclaycard wrote back (very quickly too) saying they'd like to credit me with some hundreds of pounds plus interest. This would reduce my balance by over half, so I'm very pleased with it. However, their "schedule of charges" for 6 years show that for over three full years, I did not incurr 1 single charge. As I cannot believe I managed my account so well, I just wanted to ask whether it is likely they have made an error in calculating the amount? Or omitted some charges accidentally? It's looking good for me clearing off the remaining balance in September, but I don't want to accept a full and final settlement of my claim if it's not all that I am entitled to. Another thing; they say "credit me with" in the letter. Is this a credit to my account or will I get a cheque? Thanks
  13. Many thanks slick 132. He seemed to just send off a letter and then got a refund! - saved himself the £10 SAR too by the looks of it. If it's as easy as that I may have to give it a go - with a SAR obviously as I want to know they're refunding the right amount.
  14. I opened the account in 2004 and it had a credit limit of £400 so was shocked that it's now £700!! I last paid in mid 2009 and there was many a missed payment prior to that. Over the years there must have been hundreds in charges. Claiming charges seems to be a hard slog and I'd be happy to pay the original £400 to get them off my back, but £700 is a different matter!!! Should I await the CCA before sending a SAR to the DCA? I'm guessing they just add the settlement to the balance and if this is the case, It'll pay the whole thing off probably!!
  15. Hi all Moorcroft have started chasing me for an old Barclaycard debt which has balooned to over £700. I made a request under Section 77/78 of the CCA and they have responded with the letter at the link below. Just wanted to ask the more experienced if there's anything in particular I should do or just wait it out for the information? Picasa Web Albums - Chris (click on Download to view it large in your browser). Many thanks for any help!!
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