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  1. I've not been a BT customer for some time now but find I'm still stuck with the BT line rental rip off no matter which company I chose to supply my phone or broad band service. When I challenge them about this they say nothing to do with us its BT! Well I'm sick and tired of being taken for a ride and think the government should abolish this cash cow which BT just keeps on milking. To this end I have raised and e- petition requesting that line rental be abolished. please go and read the petition and if you agree sign it. You never know if we get enough people complaining they might actually d
  2. I was going through my bank statement on-line to day and spotted Direct Debit (DD) had been taken a few days ago for the amount of £20.00! Now this was my company account and I only have 3 DD on this and I know them well and none should have been for £20.00. The info shown was LV LIFE with a reference number next to it. I called the bank to find out what it was! I was told that it was a DD that had been set up with out the need for a signature and had been set up to take £20.00 every month for Life Insurance. I asked how this was possible as I had not instructed this DD. I was told that
  3. Well I've not had any further contact from CRL or Tesco regarding my wife incident in February. It clear from this that they are only going after cases they are sure they can win or are sure are unable to defend themselves. I would defiantly recommend challenging them. You need to do it in writing and in a clear and firm way.
  4. Well it's been 40 days since the first letter from Civil recovery Ltd which stated that unless we pay within 21 days they would take further action. I can only assume that there simply incompetent and not capable of keeping up with there own threats! or simply are not wiling to risk taking the matter to court. just goes to show that you need to stand up to these bullies and fight back.
  5. Hi triton, sorry to hear about your problem! your not alone in this! hundreds of people are being caught out by this despicable behaviour by Tesco. I'm not a legal expert but their are people on this forum that can help. I'm not sure if ignoring them is the best answer! although many do recommend this. I decided to write to them (CRL) once stating this would be my only correspondence with them on this matter. At least this way I have been seen to try and resolve the matter if it ever does go to court. Certainly from my findings so far it would appear that they simply keep pe
  6. The Centre for Retail Research helped to introduce civil recovery to UK retailers. It also set out some clear guidelines for the application of civil recovery by UK retailers. The guidelines defined civil recovery as, “Civil recovery is the name of a process allowing retailers and other businesses to obtain compensation using the civil law from wrongdoers who cause loss by theft, fraud, damage, trespass, or similar offences. Recovery can be used against staff thieves as well as customer thieves.” The guidelines states that “Civil recovery should never be used to avoid involvi
  7. Matalan Ltd are another company on the list that is also embroiled in this unpleasant behaviour. Recant events have shown that these company's can not trust or rely on the quality of the security guards employed by the company they contract the work out to. Matalan Murder! "murdered store manager betrayed by an Edmonton security guard have spoken of their grief. Jamie Simpson, 33, from Herne Hill, was stabbed to death during a botched robbery at a Hackney Matalan store in March 2008. The store security guard Roy Williams, 31, of Snells Park, was cleared of his murder
  8. Not sure what is happening but the emails keep being rejected. All I get is an error message in return saying email too old can not be delivered! I will send the attachments again now.
  9. It was only a extract which was simply repeating what is said in their report and contained no personnel info. However I have removed it just to be safe.
  10. I'm not going to give up on this issue! I decided to contact the OFT and the Citizens advice Bureaux. The CAB got back in contact and were very interested in my wife's case. They are still investigating and need to collect as much information as possible against companies like CRL and Tesco. They also had some very good advice. I have sent them all my correspondence with CRL and Tesco. I will be defending this all they way.
  11. This is the latest reply from Tesco. "Dear Mr Brown (name changed) Thank you for your further email. I'm disappointed that you believe I've not addressed any of the issues you have raised. Please be assured that there was absolutely no intention to cause you any further annoyance. I'm sorry that you remain unhappy, however we have followed the correct procedures. Kind Regards Helen Duke Customer Service Executive"
  12. I decided I would keep up the pressure on Tesco so I replied to their latest communication. Who knows maybe someone at tesco will come to their senses! " Dear Kim, Thank you for getting back to me. No apology required I fully understand that it can take time to respond to all the emails you must receive. Yes I have had a response from a Helen Duke, Customer Service Executive. She was replying on behalf of Sir Terry Leahy who she stated was away from the office. However I have to say I found here response to be very disappointing. She was very dismissive and unsympathetic
  13. Very Very Sorry! A silly mistake on my part will not happen again.
  14. Yes it was included in the first set of stuff I emailed to you. Did it reach you? I just got a mail not deliverd message from your email! The following message to was undeliverable. The reason for the problem: 5.4.7 - Delivery expired (message too old) 'timeout' Let me know and I will send again if required. My sincere apology JonCris for this silly amateurish mistake. It was never my intention to post the details! Simply forgot to edit the cut and paste. Lesson learned. Sorry.
  15. surprisingly I've just had a reply from the main customers service desk at Tesco. I email them at the same time I emails Tesco's Boss. Here is the email. "Dear Mr Brown, (name changed) Thank you for your email, I must apologise that it's taken us a few days to reply, we have been experiencing an increased number of contacts due to the Clubcard mailing. I was very concerned to read your account of what happened to your wife in our Hayes Bull Bridge store, I can appreciate how upset you both must be. I understand that one of my colleagues in our Chief Executives o
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