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  1. Hi all...just another quick question, got back my forms the Northern Ireland Courts which I have to sign before they will serve the claim. However as with the MCOL I've had to shorten the particulars of the claim to fit the 2000 character limit, but can I send the full version back with these forms? Similarly, I'm unsure when to send in the schedule of charges - with these forms or at a later date, can anyone advise? cia35
  2. Hi everyone...a quick question. I submitted my claim online via the Northern Ireland Court Service but it uses something called QAS to identify the proper address from postcodes. The address included on my claim is - NATIONWIDE BUILDING SOCIETY Ground Floor A Nationwide House Swindon Wiltshire SN38 1GN There are a number of different "addresses" for the registered postcode but these are for different floors. Would anyone know if this will affect the claim if the exact registered address wasn't used on my claim. Any advice, please.
  3. Hi all...received standard letter yesterday, just on the deadline for one of the prelim letters, nothing as yet for the second. Sent 2xLBAs off today stating my intention to claim contractual interest as well! Hopefully they'll find 2 claims waiting for them when they all get back from Christmas break! Keep yous posted! C
  4. Sent off prelims today registered post...2 separate letters for the 2 accounts..all comes to £1690, as they were "nice" emough to refund some of it a few months ago. Keep you all posted! cia35
  5. Help please....I need advice on entering data in the spreadsheets. I've used both the complex and Mindzai's spreadsheets. I'm going down the contractual route with regards my claim but I want to get the figures right. In Mindzai's spreadsheet, it states that the date entered for the penalties is the date they are actually applied to your account. I had previously just used the dates stated in Nationwide's Notice of Charges summary provided with each statement. I know these are then applied 21 or 28 days after the date of that particular statement, will this affect the totals entered for the
  6. Hi all, well I finally received the statements on Saturday from the Nationwide. They didn’t come in a nice binder which some others seem to have received (must be running out of them I guess) just a bundle of photocopies tied together with an elastic band… but glad to finally get them in any case! I just wanted to check the contents of the covering letter to see if it is a similar response to what other people have received. The letter itself is a bad photocopy with my details on it (they kept the original?) and they also mention an earlier response by letter (27 October) which I never re
  7. Hi all...checked with Royal Mail and Data Protection Act delivered 24 Oct and my online account says cheque was cleared today, 30 October. Can I just check is it 40 days from cheque clearing or from when they received the letter? Also is it 40 days or 40 working days? Thanks for any advice, cia35
  8. Posted my Data Protection Act Subject Access Request letter today via registered post! cia35
  9. Hi all...I've been meaning to do this while ago but I've been pussy-footing about for too long now. Just heard from A&L that they have accepted my application for a new account (my parachute)...so once it is set up properly with my direct debits and salary all sorted out I'll finally ask Nationwide how much they've cost me over these years. In the meantime, I've been having 'discussions' with them [Nationwide] about these charges and have had some 'goodwill' gestures of partial refunds totalling about £150, with further charges cancelled. This was all well and good several weeks back
  10. Hi everyone, I'm thinking of starting an action against Nationwide, who I've been with for nearly 18 years now. I know I'm not their best customer but through some oversight by myself I've just realised 8 direct debits have 'bounced' since the beginning of the month and the thought of coughing up over £200 for the previlage is leaving me slightly sick. I've got no idea how much Nationwide has charged me over the years for returned items but with this sites help I hope I can find out. Just one thing though before I start, is anyone aware of any legal differences between Northern Ireland an
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