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  1. Thank you for your replies. Any advice about what to write on the N244 form?
  2. On friday (12/05/2017) I recieved a letter from court containing general Form Of Order saying: The date on the order was the 20 April 2017 but the the date on the covering letter that came with it is 05 May 2017. I didn't receive the letter till the 12 May 2017. The background to this case is as follow: Around 2008/2009 due becoming unemployed, Halifax got a suspended possession order against my property. I managed to to get back into employment and kept up with the payment terms and eventually the arrears were rolled onto the mortgage. Unfortunately i
  3. Do you if there's a way of finding out who head of enforcement or shall I just contact the main enquiries address of the revenues department. Thanks for your help
  4. Today I received a visit from a Horrible woman from Ross and Roberts about outstanding council tax with Birmingham city council. I did have a payment arrangement set up with Ross and Roberts which I had been paying for the roughly the last 6 months but with receiving the current years water and council tax bills I missed Aprils payment. I was hoping to pay make two months payment later this month to catch up but they have sent out the bailiffs. My 6 month baby (Hasn't been well last couple of days) was sleeping when the agent came and starting banging on the door. I wa
  5. Yes I was home when he stuck the letter through the door. How would I prove that he didn't knock or ring the bell ? and how do I dispute the charge ? I do actually want to come to an agreement to pay the debt but the only contact details they have given for the bailiff in charge of my account is a mobile number which I now refuse to call since I can't record the call. Is sending him an offer of payment via sms safe or should I send a letter to equita office for his attention ? Thank-you for your help
  6. On 12th September an Equita ballif hand delivered a letter stating that I had 24hrs to pay of my debt or that he would be back to remove goods. Nothing was levied on this date even though car was parked on drive and he didnt knock on the door, he just put the letter through the letter box. After reading the forum I decided to send the folling letter to Equita's Birmingham office Today i recieved the following letter from them. Could someone confirm that the charges look correct. letter can be found at postimage.org/image/2aq8i7b44. sorry did try using attachment f
  7. Thanks for the advice. I'll contact Birmingham council on Monday to let them know that I'm paying and Wednesday and see how things go. I check the original amount owed when I get back home but don't think they've added much on the moment but could be wrong. Thanks again for the advice given by all
  8. Unfortunately it has been to court although I cant recall having received a copy of liability order from the court or the council I am willing to pay the debt but need till Wednesday to get some money together for the 1st payment together and would have thought that they would have been willing to wait just 3 working days for the 1st payment but the lady I spoke to on the phone hung up on me when I tried explaining this to her.
  9. Earlier today I tried setting up a payment plan with Equita to pay off my Birmingham city council Tax bill off £1,086.24. I offered to pay £100 a month to them which they said was acceptable but I had to make my first payment today. Unfortunately I told them I could make a payment till Wednesday so they refused to put payments on hold till then and told me that I would still be liable for extra charges till I make first payment. Is there any one I can contact to try to get them to wait till Wednesday without commencing any extra action. I am worried as I have previously had them tu
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