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  1. Thanks very much for taking the time to respond. I don't believe C&L are being malicious but do believe they are incompetent. Unfortunately the case has not settled, but we are now dealing solely with our Insurers as we have lost all confidence in C&L, can I still deal with their complaints procedure even though the file is not complete? I have difficulty in measuring a quantum of damages, any law I can find would be helpful. There is no problem in asking why we have given CL so long, and to be honest it is a very good question, why did we give them so long, we have no idea, we just kept plugging away in the hope of having it resolved, only recently the stress has become so much that we couldn't deal with it and Lloyds are now dealing with it on our behalf. We also have never in the 20 plus years had to claim and were unaware that we could go back to Lloyds. Only in the last 2-3 weeks we have involved Lloyds, wish we had done it sooner. It was only due to the fact that CL's builders had done a poor job on patching the floor that we found out how badly the whole claim had been managed. We also have our own business to run which is open 7 days a week for some 12 to 14 hour days from April to October (we are still open through the winter on shorter days) bearing in mind the initial flood was in May, we also have two small children to look after.
  2. Thanks for that, didnt think about the data protection act, we've been trying to get stuff off them but are getting nowhere Also, we didn't think of stress being an injury either. If this is the case, does this come under personal injury, in which case, we may be able to get a no win no fee PI solicitor.
  3. Hello First time to one of these forums Cunningham Lindsey are in my opinion a bunch of cowboys. We were unfortunate to have a flood in May 2009, they did their usual using Rainbow to dry the property out, their own builders Rok to bodge the work, we were unhappy with the work, the laminate which had only been down for two months was only partly lifted leaving the rest down on water, a new flooring company were instructed and it was them who noticed the wet floor Rainbow were called back to dry our property properly 9 months later 2 inch file of correspondence having to constantly chase Cunningham Lindsey we hopefully will soon have our floor back, I would like to sue them for negligence but do not know how to quantify damages, both my husband and I over this time have been to the Doctors due to stress caused by this carry on, my children have been walking on freezing concrete it ruined our Christmas, Cunningham Lindsey have lied about contacting people when they have done nothing. Can someone tell me where I should start. I am in the fortunate position of having some knowledge of suing people in the small claims of the county court is this where I should start?
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