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  1. Your friend would have to inform the local authority as well, if you work this would really effect her housing benefit and the income support claim, if you are found to be living together. just to clarify, 1. im on jsa, 2 he's on I.S, and getting severe disabilty also he gets housing benefit and council tax benefit, we don't share bills, bank details etc as we are not a couple. im just helping him out with his care etc
  2. hiya zara, no we won't be sharing same room, i will be using the bed settee in the living room, my enquiry is about how it will affect both myself and friend as reguards as money. thanks
  3. can anyone explain to me what the implications of moving in with someone not as a couple but as a carer to look after a friend who is disabled who is getting I.S, DLA care middle rate, and high rate mobility and living in a 1 bed council property. any advice would be helpful.
  4. ok thanks mrshed , what is your opinion on the likelyhood of such an application succeeding, i am disabled and would need to have a carer move in with me.
  5. as stated previously 3 years, do i need to get in touch with the LA where i want to move for a application form.
  6. thanks for that mrshed, woukld i have to speak with my local authority aswell as the local authority which i want to move to, would i have to fill in some kind of forms, sorry for all the questions im just unsure as to how i go about all this. thanks in advance
  7. i want to exchange from a 1 bedroom flat to a possible 2 bedroom house or flat as i have a carer who looks after me, how do i go about it. thanks in advance.
  8. i dnt see whats so open about this, all i want is help on what i can do, i want to move from london to ireland and how i go about it but thanks for your advice.
  9. hi all. at the moment im living in a council flat in london, been in the flat for 3 years, currently im on dla and is, i want to move back to northern ireland or south ireland (for health reasons), what i want to no is, how do i go about moving back or trying to get an exchange and would i be waiting a long time. any help would be appreciated
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