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  1. Have just spoken to IS to see where the letter is and they said it was sent on 16th so should be with me tomorrow or monday. This will have what they based their decision on in the letter. I am so in pieces at the moment, I've not done anything wrong. I really couldnt go to prison esp for something I've not done. ((
  2. Thanks for replying, I am at my wits end! Rough calculations show approx £14000 in Housing benefit (as was in private rented until recently) and £8000 in Income Support as have been on it since February 2009. Did you win your appeal? Sorry to ask but am at wits end as havent even recieved the letter stating their decision and now CAB say I have to have the letter to appeal. DWP say the decision was made on 28th May but has only just filtered through to them so my IS claim has been canceled from 17th June and CAB are saying that my appeal will probably have to be in by 28th June (just over a week) but they cant appeal without the letter which I havent had (((
  3. Thanks Paul, this is my original thread. Am just in pieces at the moment. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/benefits-tax-credits-minimum/259605-interview-under-caution.html Sorry am in such a mess I managed to post the wrong like. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/benefits-tax-credits-minimum/247253-please-help-iuc.html
  4. Sorry am in a right state. After having my IUC in Feb the DWP have decided that I live with a partner, which I dont and have done for over 2 years. I am devastated, in pieces. I dont know what to do please help. I can feed the kids or pay the rent. I havent had a letter from them just recieved an appeal leaflet today and called them asking why I had this and they said the claim had been closed and the decision had been made. What do I do? I couldnt stand prison, would rather be dead and think the kids would be better off with me that way. Please help
  5. Thanks for replying, do they have to give you a final response? They havent stopped my money either. Someone else who was interviewed by the same people as me had her money's stopped 6 weeks after her interview. Sorry to go on. This whole experience is horrid.
  6. I've still not heard anything, is this something to be concerned about?
  7. I had my interview under caution at the end of February afterwards they also took a statement from my kids dad workmate and he confirmed that their dad didnt live with me and since then I have heard nothing. Is this normal? Surely I would of heard something by now? Thanks for any replies
  8. Little uns Dad has just called me to say the council have called his boss today asking to interview him on Tuesday about me!! and they are still watching the house as got up this morning to see a strange car parked on the road with all the lights off and one person sat inside. Little un dad hasnt stayed since the interview except on Saturday night to look after his kids so I could go out. Just as I was starting to feel a bit better about everything too. It feels like someone is out to get me.
  9. Once again thankyou. From now on I am going to keep a diary of when he visits his kids at my house. It has made me feel really paranoid now and keep looking over my shoulder the whole time........... It annoys me too as I know people who are doing it and they are doing so blatently and they get away with it and then theres people like me who are doing no wrong and we get blamed and treated as if we have.
  10. Once again thanks for your replies. I am off to the doc tomorrow otherwise think I will end up having a nervous break down and isnt good for my kids to see me in this state. I was paranoid before this and now I am so paranoid that my paranoya about taking the kids out and meeting people has tripled. All is change here now, kids dad is no longer going to stay on the sofa as I have been told I am not allowed anyone to stay and it doesnt matter who they are so he will come and see the kids and then go home. Had a very upset son this evening as he is seeing me upset and now another change with his Daddy (he used to love seeing his Daddy in the mornings when he was here).
  11. Thanks for the words of support. I have had my interview now. Turns out they have sat outside my house on several occasions since september and have clocked his leaving the house on the nights he stayed over so he could see the kids. There was no photos just dates and times written down on a sheet of paper. They tried to imply that he lived here and I said he didnt and he slept on the sofa and that as the house I rent is up for sale I was surprised they hadnt made a visit being a bogus buyer, they said they hadnt so I said if you had you would of seen he doesnt live with me. They tried to imply he lived with me but I said he didnt as was just helping me with the kids. I also asked that in their surveylence they would of also seen the mornings when he didnt leave the house as he wasnt there and they said they couldnt always get up at silly o'clock in the morning. They also asked about his post and I said that all I get is junk mail or debt letters for his which I pass on to him or put in the recycling bin which I am sure you have prob checked my bins. I also told them about my depression etc and they asked if I was being treated for it and I also told them about my CAF I have entered. It was left that they want to speak to his work partner to verify where he lives and also they may ask my neighbours. The neighbours part may be interesting as I dont go round broadcasting what happens in my personal life. They did mention his bank which I told them about the address being changed before I even recieved their letter. I gave them the letter from his mother and they said of course she would say that. It was left that I MAY have to attend another interview and they were going to carry on their investigation and I need to sort out maitenance payments from him for the children. Please excuse the spellings as am still a bag of nerves as they did try to twist things and catch me out.
  12. Is this normal? The DWP just called to me confirm I attending the interview which is in just over an hour. Is this normal?
  13. Well today is the day! I am a nervous wreck, cant stop shaking and feeling sick constantly and my depression has returned so that really isnt helping. I havent taken legal advice due to the fact I have done nothing wrong and have a big pile of paperwork to take with me. It doesnt help that I have been told that the interviewer is not a nice lady.
  14. Thanks for your replies, this last week or so has been really hard esp with the kids being home too. I have very nearly fallen to pieces several times. Wednesday is now approaching and I am gathering my evidence that he doesnt live here. I have his wage slips with his mums address on. I also have a letter from his mum stating that he does live there, has his own room and she does feed him and does his washing etc and the reasons as to why he cannot have the children over there. I also have the information sheet which shows photos of my house I rent which were taken after xmas (way before the letter arrived requesting the IUC) I also have copies of the form I had to submit to the council about my impending homelessness and this form only has mine and the childrens names on it as surely if he lived here he would of been on the form too. His workmate who picks him up in the mornings and drops him home in the evenings is also willing to write a statement to say that he is mostly dropped around his mothers house (where he lives), Is it worth getting this too. Is there anything else you can think of that I could take to help me? When at the IUC is it worth saying I knew I was under investigation ages ago and also about my ex landlady working at the council etc? Thanks for all your help.
  15. Hi Sorry for the rambled post but am in a right state, even though I have done nothing wrong! On Thursday this week I have recieved a letter for a IUC for them suspecting I have someone living with me. The interview is with HB and DWP for IS. The interview is not until the 24th either which to me seems a bit far off and am not sure I can live that long as just the thought of the interview is destroying me, I cant eat and have no interest in anything and just wish I was dead. I have suffered from depression in the past and panic attacks and at the moment I feel like I am having a constant panic attack (neither here nor there I know or relevent) The background is that I had a partner living with me until almost 2 years ago to the day, ended up giving up work last year as found it really hard to cope with 3 children and working so went on income support. Whilst all this was happening my landlord and landlady split up and he took the house as his part of the settlement and became my LL. They havent spoken since and it was not a amicable break up. She works for the council who I get my HB from and last year it was brought to my attention that I was being or had been investigated (her hoping to get back at her ex) and it was defo from her as it was one of her friends who my now LL saw and she told him. Now the house which I rent has been placed up for sale which I know she would not be happy about as she had great sentimental ties with the house and only gave it to her ex as she could not afford to buy him out any other way. My ex who moved out two years ago has spent some time here each week, sleeping on sofa so he could see his children as he lives at his mums which is already overcrowded so she cannot let him have the children over there. Sometimes we have taken the children out together as would rather they saw mummy n daddy getting on and have quality parental time and plus I drive and he does not. Since the house has been placed up for sale he has been staying over a extra night or so because of my depression I always seem to take the worst from every situation and am being evicted from my home and am really starting to worry about that and not coping very well. The kids school have just entered me into a CAF to try to help me as I even struggle to go to mother and toddler groups with my 2 year old. All of ex's bills and his wages etc are registered to his mothers and I sometimes get debt letters or junk mail for him which I either pass on to him or out in the bin. Last weekend we took the kids into town and his debit card wasnt working so he went to his bank and turns out his bank was still reg here and he didnt realise as used online banking and doesnt recieve paper statements. He has since changed the address (which he did there and then) and then on thursday I get this letter............ I am at my wits end as if they stop my money then I cannot afford to live or feed my children or get electric as prepayment meter on gas and electric and am begining to wish I was dead as the kids deserve better then this as even though I know I have done nothing wrong I feel I am being persicuted for someone else previous relationship. I really hope someone can advise as cant take anymore, what with the eviction and now this, someone must really hate me.
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