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  1. Cheers folks..........looking around the web however, opinion seems to be vague on the issue of Vanquis' Repayment Option Plan being PPI or not?! Anyone got a definitive answer to this? Dave
  2. Hi All, Try as I might, I can't find a template for PPI SAR request letter and am not confident in writing my own. I have a 'Repayment Option Plan' with Vanquis that has been active from the beginning and is responsible for minimum payments never being enough to lower the balance. I would like to claim this back if possible but the online banking platform only allows 6 months of statements download. To this end, I need to send a SAR to get all the details. If anyone could help I'd be grateful. TIA DaveB
  3. Hi, I have an ongoing loan with Welcome and believe I was missold the PPI but am finding the forum a little difficult to navigate to the help I need. Firstly. a) is there an online calculator that can help calculate what I may be owed and b) does it have instructions. Secondly, I have scanned in my statement from them and used OCR to extract the data into spreadsheet. would anyone be willing to take a look at this spreadsheet for me to analyse whether I have a case and point out what the various entries mean. In fact, I will post it here.......second thoughts, the forum can't take the data file so I will work on this. Anyway, Can someone guide me through this please Dave
  4. Hi, Does anyone have an email address for SCM or their website link?
  5. Hi All, I'm sure I'm not the only one attempting to find supporting evidence in the fight against these pirates but this is really interesting. The following text appears in the 2005 annual returns for Lloyds TSB (see page 8 of 44) Other income, net of insurance claims, on a comparable basis and excluding the strengthening of reserves for mortality, increased by £260 million, or 6 per cent, to £4,659 million. Fees and commissions receivable increased by 9 per cent to £3,315 million as a result of higher income from the strong volume growth in current account fees and an increase in fees from large corporate business and asset based lending, as a result of growing customer transaction volumes. The full link is here http:www.investorrelations.lloydstsb.com/media/pdf_ir/2005_ltsb_full_results.pdf This is prove positive, in any context, that the fees are part of their profit building regime!!! Hope this helps someone......I am certainly adding the text to my court bundle and statement of evidence. Interestingly, LloydsTSB refer to their charges as an impairment charge..............see some more text from this document... Our impairment charge expressed as a percentage of average lending increased to 0.66 per cent, compared to 0.61 per cent in 2004 (page 37, note 13). On a statutory basis, impaired assets totalled £4,122 million, compared with £3,515 million at 1 January 2005, representing 2.3 per cent of total lending, up from 2.1 per cent at 1 January 2005, but unchanged from 30 June 2005. Perhaps someone here with more knowledge and experience than me, could make more of this. Happy reading
  6. Thanks a lot.............signing off now to collate..........watch this space!
  7. Hi, How soon after I respond, do I contact SC&M? Do I need to re-submit my schedule...........I already did that in the early stages?
  8. Many Congrats Gary:D and thanks for your input..........and encouragement
  9. If the Defence is struck out, does this mean I win by default and LTSB will be ordered to pay up?
  10. This was received today from the court. Notice of allocation to the Small Claims Track (Hearing) District Judge A******* has considered the statements of case and allocation questionnaires filed and has allocated the claim the the small claims track The court must be informed immediately if the cse is settled by agreement before the hearing date. Pleas see directions order attached Date 19 December 2006 ............ Upon reading the documents filed and of the Courts own motion. It is Ordered that: 1. This claim is allocated to the small claims track. 2 The Claimant shall by [28Days] crossed out and replaced by 12/1/2007, file and serve: (a) A schedule setting out each charge repayment of which is sought, showing the date, amount, and alleged reason, (ifany) for that charge being made; (b) Copies of any statement or other document relied upon as showing that each and every such charge has been made; © A statement of the Claimant's own evidence, if such is to be relied upon as tending to show that the alleged charges have been made, or that they are irrecoverable as penalties. If the claimant fails to comply with this order, the claim will be struck out without further order. 3. The defendant shall by [56 days] crossed out and replace by 9/2/2007 file and serve a response to the claimant's schedule, stating in respect of each item claimed: (a) Pursuant to what contractual provision such charge was made, producing a copy of the contractual document relied upon; (b) Whether such charge is accepted to be a penalty, and if not, why not; © If such charge is alleged to be a pre-estimate of the Defendant's loss incurred by the Claimant's actions (whether or not such action is to be treated as a breach of contract between the parties), all facts and matters intended to be relied upon as showing that such is a proper estimate of such loss, and all evidence to be adduced at trial as to what the true cost of dealing with the matter was. If the Defendant fails to comply with this order, the Defence will be struck out without further order. 4. Decided cases and other legal materials should not be filed, but brought to the hearing with additional copies for the court and the opposing party. 5. List for hearing next available date after 10 weeks, time estimate 1 hour, reserved to District Judge A********. 6. This Order has been made by the court of it's own initiative, without hearing the parties or giving them opportunity to make representations. Any party affected by the order may apply to have it set aside, varied or stayed. Such and application must be made not more than 7 days after the date on which the order was served on the party making the application. .........pheeeeeewww To those reading and that are in the know on these things, is there anything in this order that is unusual or that |I should be worried about
  11. Yeehaah,..........well, almost. Got response today from the courts and NO I don't have to submit another AQ.. The District Judge has allocated my case to the small claims track and has set a date of 21st Feb 07 at 2pm for 1 Hour. would like some assitance here though, ist it ok to transcribe the contents of the direction order here?
  12. Excel guarantee, specifically that they are NOT a DCA. Can't see that it would harm any, think I will make appointment if only to satisfy curiosity. Cant help wondering if this is a new ploy though........any comments?
  13. sorry about the split ehmm threads? new to forums!
  14. I would have found it impossible to file AQ during the period given as I had zero funds! (apart from what the bank owes me) What would I put in this second AQ anyway? just re-iterate the first?
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