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  1. Many thanks, I was worried my sheet is wrong. I think they were just fobbing her off TBH. I am going to speak to them tonight and ask them to confirm the amount. if they say £800 again. i ll go with that and "lose" the sheet. I think my suspicions are correct though. Thanks again for reading. F
  2. Hello, I am working out some figures for my daughter. She has contacted the above who said she is entitled to about £800. I have read the stickies and used the calculator and I make it about £50 ! Have I a made massive boo boo ?? Here is the sheet : http://db.tt/YyiJFWp9 Why would they say £800 ? Many thanks Reading. F.
  3. Hello, And thanks for taking the time to read my post. This is a very long story so I will give an overview. Mar 2009 - Joined Post office Broadband. Mar - Oct 2009 - No useable BB service. So terminated contract. With permission. 2010 - They didnt contact me until Summer. Saying I owed £405. It took until 09-2010 to get a letter dealing with the complaint. They denied evrything. I wrote back and got another letter saying yes we messed up. Dec 2010 - Start getting chased for £405 (wrong amount) By debt agency. Contacted POst office. They said will deal. Jan 2011 - Another letter from Debt agency (wrong amount) phone them and said amount is in deispute. ignored me. Phoned PO. Said they would removeme. Jan 2011 - Another Letter from Debt agency. Phoned them, they ignored me told again disputed amount. Phoned PO said they would call and nothing. I am really really annoyed about this. I now wish to fight back because I know I am in the right and have spent hours and hours trying to deal with it. I wish to sue them for my costs. I have all the details. Where do I start ? Have read quite a few threads. But I am pondering how to actually start. how do you rate my chances ? Many thanks. F.
  4. flunky

    loans etc.

    Thanks for the reply. Do you know of a thread or section on here that would give info on what I a looking for or the process involved ? Many thanks.
  5. flunky

    loans etc.

    Hello and thanks for reading. I have been hearing about loans/credit agreements being un-enforcable. I have seen reference to them being prior to (i think) 2007. Would someone mind pointing me in the right direction or to a thread that would exlpain how this works. Done a few searches and to be honest I am not sure the things that have come up are relevant. Thanks again. F.
  6. Right then, standard response rcvd sending 2nd letter.
  7. Bang on Fluffy and night Owl. I did exactly the same thing. I did not bother phoning went into branch said i wanted to speak to the manager and was not moving from the till until I saw them. Quite busy and they wanted me out. I said to the person who I saw "forget your O/d I am moving and you can chase ME for it." Went to another bank got everything they have given me and that O/d will just sit there, all i need to do is keep it in limit and no worries. What pi$$ed me off was they refused to incease my overdraft by £100 but quite happily let me have an unplanned one at a cost of about £50. One thing he did say was that I would need to close the account. I disagreed baecause as far as I know you can have as many acc's as you want. Does anyone know if an amount owed is in dispute can they hit you with a default ? Would be great if eveyone did it all these minus accounts with no monies being put in.
  8. very helpful thanks v much. I have sent my prelim letter yesterday. As I said to the nice man in branch. "if you are going to charge me this £200, then you will damn well work for it." I will make it my mission to cause them as much hassle as possible. Apparently under the Data Protection Act you can request all digitally stored info which would include recorded phone calls. They may not have to investigate bank charges but they do have to investigate poor service and rude staff which they will do. May even do a S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) for the hell of it. Grrr they make me mad. Hopefully though they will just pay up as it is not much. One final thing If they charge me again while this going on how do i go about getting that back ?
  9. yes i have. Seems as though up to individual judge. I was wondering what is actually happening though. They have really annoyed me. I have sorted another account so have nothing to lose.
  10. I am going to send my premlim letter today for £220. It is not for much as have been good over the past year (!). I have read through some threads and checked the FAQ's. I need to know what the current state of play is for new claims. I will stick to my timetable but need some advice. My local court is Kings Lynn and lady said they will stay. Any ideas or advice please would very much appreciated.
  11. My only point is that people should stop moaning and get onto the government. Whatever your thoughts are on our european cousins you dont see the french or spanish getting greased up like this. We are a nation of whining sheep with nothing but bureaucratic red tape and bull***t from a government who never listens to its voters. We pay these things (bank charges, fuel tax etc etc etc) make posts and even on here the only concern is how they are going to get to Birmingham. That to me is poor. To be honest from what I can gather (i am in finance not haulage) it seems as though "the big boys" eg RHA dont want to upset the government. Something to do with Rebates being negotiated (bloody politics). They wont stick their neck out. If its going to cost you £224 per day per wagon thats crazy money and something needs to be done. Maybe Transaction2007 will do this by bringing everyone to the table.
  12. Transaction :: Index If you feel strongly about the cost of fuel please go here and have your say. I am not looking for posts for this thread, just have a look, if you agree fine. If you dont then thats fine too. Thanks.
  13. "Did anyone else 'Blink' and missed the protest. A bit of a damp squib if you ask me. I've said it before the only way to be listened to is if all the organisations act together. One small group acting on their own won't have that much impact.:sad:" Same old, Same old. People are always quick to criticise. Maybe you should of registered your support. I bet when CAG set up they said the same thing. Now look. The only way to get organisations to listen is for people to do something about it together. I didnt go and protest as no where to protest near me. I felt bad. This needs to become a major issue. The tax on fuel is running at about 65% (VAT and duty) imagine that on your weekly shopping bill. There would be an out cry. Holy cow, you work in the haulage industry.
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