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  1. It was serviced when I bought it. It has 55,000 miles on it and from memory around 40,000 when I bought it. Mechanic who has dealt with it has said even with services the fault would not have been picked up. There hasn't been a recall on the vehicle but Ford has been replacing engines when they have been breaking down but I have read this is a very long and lengthy process. if the car is used as capital and has effectively lost that would the finance company take the loss?
  2. I bought a used Focus (6 years old) a year and a half ago from a well known car dealer. It broke down this week and have I been told I will need to buy a new engine. Apparently this fault is a well known one on my particular model. A new engine will cost me £2,000 upwards and the mechanic said even with a new engine the fault may return as it's a well known manufacturers fault. I looked into contacting Ford who have accepted repair claims for this fault but the car would need a full service history (which it does not). I have contacted the dealership I've bought it off and kept getting avoided by the manager,when I finally got hold of him he's basically washed his hands of the car and was rude down the phone. I bought the car with finance that was arranged by the dealership and have 3.5 years left to pay. What are my options? (If any). I can't afford a new engine and don't want to replace it with the risk of it happening again. Can I take this further with the dealership or contact the fiance company directly ? If I effectively stop making payments and the repossess the car its worthless. I know I'm probably going to take a huge loss on the car (I currently have around £7000 left on finance). Could i sell it? scrap it? I don't want to keep paying for a damaged car I can't drive. Any help is appreciated
  3. Hi everyone...the saga continues. I have received another letter from CRS this time adding £36 onto my 'debt' as they have had to search for my contact details. Even though I wrote a letter informing them that I have moved. Letter includes all the usual spiel about court action and wanting resolution. Am I best still ignoring! I can't believe this has now nearly been 3 years and I'm still being chased! Thanks
  4. I bought a house 10 months ago and also the relevant buildings/ contents insurance. On the back of the house is a conservatory which I assume to be about 8 years old. At first the conservatory was fine no problems at all. However with the recent bad weather the roof has leaked quite severely. I paid to get this repaired and now it seems fine. I have now noticed really bad damp on one of the external walls and also noticed that the floor around by it seems to be wet. Can I claim on house insurance for this type of issue? The insurance company are aware there is a conservatory attached to the house. I do not know who built the conservatory as we were given no details about it when we moved in.
  5. Hi After informing CRS of my new address and to contact me only by letter I have received this text: We are happy to consider all options to resolve your account. We need you to contact CRS on 01444 449165 if we are to achieve this. Obviously I'm going to ignore but this other people should see how ridiculous this is going!
  6. I have had contact from CRS yet again this time via email ( I have since moved so I could have been getting letters at my old address) B this email reads: Your file has recently been returned to us by our external agents. According to our records, you still have an outstanding balance of £171.47, in connection with Xercise 4 Less. Please call us today on 01444 449165 between 08:30am and 6:00pm to discuss repayment of your balance. A payment plan can be set up if you're unable to pay the balance in one go. Your reference number is xxxxxxxxx If you would prefer us to call you, please confirm a suitable telephone number to reach you on. Many thanks, CRS Collections Manager I actually can't believe after 2 years they're still pushing this. My question is shall I contact them yet again with my new address or carry on ignoring? The letters I sent a while back to xercise4less were never answered
  7. I have received another email from Spratt Endicott again: We have been trying to contact you. Please could you contact us on 01295 204074 regarding our reference .::::between 9.00 am - 5.30pm Monday to Thursday and 9.00 am - 5.00pm Friday. Alternatively, you can reply to this email and we will respond accordingly, it is important that we speak with you. Yours sincerely Is there something I could reply to get them to stop or shall I simply ignore again? Also they said they've 'been trying to contact me. They have not. I'm moving house in a couple of months too. When I do this am I better passing my new details onto xercise4less? Thanks again Spratt Endicott
  8. Thanks Slick I will ignore them. Can't believe its been well over a year since this all started! Very suspicious that the email from them was sent straight to my junk mail box too!
  9. So Still no reply from xercise4less, 4 months after sending them a letter. I have however had an email from Spratt Endicott today stating: Dear .... We have been trying to contact you. Please could you contact us on 01295 204074 regarding our reference 122092.9321 between 9.00 am - 5.30pm Monday to Thursday and 9.00 am - 5.00pm Friday. Alternatively, you can reply to this email and we will respond accordingly, it is important that we speak with you. Yours sincerely Customer Services Team I found this email to be but random considering I have had no written response or communication with them since January! They're like the obsessed ex who won't go away! Should I now proceed with contacting the ombudsman? Thanks everyone Spratt Endicott Banbury Office
  10. Hi Still no reply from Spratt Endicott I did however receive a missed call yesterday from xercise4less head office. Shall I call back or stay off the phone from them?
  11. Thanks you again for all your great advice. I have replied to Spratt Endicott and I'm waiting on a reply again! Will keep you posted
  12. So I thought I had heard the last from Harlands. I have still not received a reply to my letters sent to xercise4less. This company is disgusting in the way it deals with its customers. I did however receive a letter today from Spratt Endicott saying: We act on behalf of the above client. They have instructed us to write to you concerning the above debt due to them. Failure to reply to this notice within 7 days may result in legal proceedings to recover the above balance unless you contact us to discuss your repayment proposals. Any clain resulting in proceedings will include additional costs payable to by you. You should also note that if judgement is obtained you may find it difficult to obtain credit from other sources as the judgement will be registered and remain on your credit file for 6 years. Please contact us to discuss your account so that we may come to an arrangement that is affordable and sustainable in line with your financial circumstances and therefore it will not be necessary to issue proceedings. If you require financial advice call ..... We hope it will not be necessary for us to issue proceedings and that we will hear from you without delay. Shall I continue writing to Xercise4less? Reply to this or take this matter even further? Thanks
  13. Hi Everyone Still no reply from Exercise4Less head office but CRS have sent yet another letter saying: we regret that despite our attempts to reach an amicable resolution to your account you remain in arrears to xercise for less. We must therefore give notice that failing to reply to this letter within the next 10 days will result in your account balance being passed to Zinc Group Ltd, one of the leading providers of debt recovery solutions. WE WOULD STILL LIKE TO RESOLVE THIS MATTER we're happy to listen to your reasons for not paying and will do whatever we can to reach an acceptable resolution for both parties. All that is required is for you to call us on .......... by no later than 30th November so we can discuss your account. I have read in other threads that Zinc is easier to get rid of than Harlands. Am I better to just ignore again and allow them to pass on the balance? Thanks
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