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  1. I know half the staff working in the office dealing with these complaints and my address is local so sure some of them will have sussed me by now! Not much they can do about it however, i'm complaining as a consumer, not as an employee.
  2. Sorry, forgot about this thread I started! Had some success, they have repaid all of my actual charges prior to the LBA stage, am now pursuing them for the contractual interest which at 29.9% should be a tidy little wedge! And as for it harming chances of a promotion or anything like that, since starting this action, I have moved into another position within same bank, been promoted twice, and had a hefty rise to boot!
  3. jimbob2

    Jimbo vs MBNA

    Hi All, Didnt start a thread with my progress initially, am now up to the stage just before I send the LBA. Have today received a cheque from MBNA to cover all the charges, however I have been claiming contractual from start which this does not include. Letter with cheque stated it was in full and final settlement - I intend to continue to get the interest also, so sending a letter off Monday to say I will accept offer only as partial settlement, but when, if at all, should I bank this cheque? If I do it before they have received my LBA, could this be seen as acceptance of the full and
  4. My bad, just read through this and it appears I was wrong. Have seen many businesses display this in their windows however, though now I realise not an obligation to
  5. I sent my SAR for a Sonycard to MBNA and got all statements, including BOS headed ones back from MBNA so assume same would go for everyone else
  6. jimbob2


    well i've just got my statements back from MBNA this morning, and they included all the BOS ones also, and they made a goodwill payment for my complaint?? (all I'd done was ask for statements!) of far in excess of any charges made by MBNA so assume they are coughing up for all of them. Getting the prelim sent off tomorrow so shall wait and see
  7. Bob Fuller, as said, the big cheese of 3. Sure enough, after sending it to him, I get a call about an hour later, wasnt able to take it, but looks like it will be sorted out very quick. So if you have a beef with 3, email bob fuller!
  8. Thats actually incorrect, any trading business has to display its registered office address somewhere in view. Could be in tiny print in corner of window or behind counter or something, but has to be there somewhere.
  9. I'd assume you still have the contract you've just signed in CPW? Have you read the T&C of it yet? Think your answer will be in there. I think the cooling-off period your referring to is the distance selling regulations which wouldnt apply in this case. A retailer is under no obligation to refund/cancel something if you change your mind afterwards
  10. Contact your bank, your entitled to a full and immediate refund Direct Debit - Your rights BT havent told you within the 10 days how much the DD was going to be for and when it would be taken. The only way you may not get this resolved, is if your BT bill is for a fixed amount each month and on same date
  11. I'm not too fussed about compensation to be honest, just would be a nice added bonus! Anyway, fired off an email to Bob Fuller and the executive office there to get this sorted so will have to wait and see. Phoned customer support yesterday, and the guy on the other end didnt even know what a 'default' was! Needless to say, didnt waste much more time on that call!
  12. Hi all, Back in 2005 I had an ongoing complaint with 3 mobile whereby they had took it upon themselves to change my PAYG phone to a contract without my knowledge - I no longer even had the phone! To cut a long story short, I contacted there executive office and this was resolved, received a letter from them saying they had made a mistake, outstanding balance would be cleared, and no adverse information would appear on my credit file. Have just checked online with experian and was suprised to see that they have registered a default around time of my complaint for the amount that was i
  13. I'm all for claiming the charges back, but the reason these fee's kept appearing every month is even though you had a DD on account, the payment you missed wasnt paid at all which meant your account was perpetually in arrears. Many would think that the DD being setup would take these arrears, but they state in the T&C how the minimum payment is calculated and this assumes you dont go into arrears so cant be changed if you do to clear these as company would then be breaking there own T&C
  14. well i've thrown caution to the wind and my SAR went off a few days ago, watch this space!
  15. Your account number changing has nothing to do with any debts being sold, credit card account numbers can and do sometimes change for a variety of reasons, biggest reason being for lost/stolen cards, other reasons could be BIN numbers being changed/updated, visa/mastercard technical issues etc. Wouldnt worry about this at all as all the account numbers would refer to same account
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