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  1. Hi Dotty Yes there was. I was made redundent in July 2009. My previous job had a very good wage and I was stupid and lived for the day and never considered the future or redundency. I spoke to Payplan and they advised me to go down the debt management plan initially. I'm trying to negotiate with each debtor as I don't want defaults on my credit record. At the same time I'm currently trying to get a job back what I was originally doing with similiar pay. It has certainly been a massive wake up call of how stupid my lifestyle was before. I built the debts up so I want to clear
  2. Thanks Loobyloo. I have a meeting with Payplan tomorrow so hopefully then can advise me on the best route to take.
  3. Hi I'm hoping someone out there can help me. I'm currently in debt of £57,250 (exc mortgage) My take home pay is £1,650 a month. I live on my own with 200k mortgage on a house worth 185k. I owe the following companies. LloydsTSB Loan 1 - £19,809 - Start Date 14/10/08. £537/month. LloydsTSB Loan 2 - £6,382 - Start Date 24/01/07. £272/month. Barclays car Loan - £6,954 - Start Date 09/09/08. £273/month. A&L Loan - £7,204 - Start Date 20/02/08. £309/month. Egg Card - £4,389 - Start Date Jan 02. £124/month. They didn't know the exact start date at Egg when I aske
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