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  1. Thanks for all your help just got to sit back and wait now.
  2. thats what i got will be sending 1 copy to court 1 to dg and keep one myself right im off to post them is it best sent recorded delivery. thanks for your help
  3. is that dg i have my copy and a copy for the court
  4. I have finished my court bundle and it needs posting i know one copy goes to the court where does the other copy go is it hsbc or dg solicitors. thanks
  5. Lovely i was getting in a bit of a panic lol thank you for your help im gonna get it done now. thank you so much!
  6. I have statements doing another statement of charges is not a problem its just working the interest out to tally what was on my mcol i am at the point where i need to submit my court bundle by the 20th july
  7. Hi all i really need some help.I have unfortunately had a virus and lost my windows had to format etc i have lost my statement of charges because of this it wont take to long to do another but i need to calculate the interest back to when i originally did the statement i dont know how to do this as i cant even remember what date it was. please please help me. thanks
  8. thanks for your help also on the info sheet it says 1.Allocation Questionnaires with:this claim is allocated to the small claims track. I have received no aq what do i do? thanks
  9. Hi I have a court date for the 27th sept i have to send my court bundle in by the 20th july then hsbc have to respond by 17th august.I was just wondering if i could add new charges to my statement of charges or if i could only claim for what is originally on my statement of charges. Hope this makes sense and thank you for any help.
  10. Thanks for your help just one last question for my court bundle can i supply an updated statement of charges.
  11. Hi I have received a notice of transfer of proceedings this morning and attached to it is a couple of sheets labeled defence and counterclaim do i need to fill this in and send it back.Also do i do an updated charges sheet aswell rather than the one i sent to mcol. thanks for any help
  12. Hi If someone could help me it would be much appreciated i have got as far as submitting my money claim sent off 3 copies off paperwork they acknowleged the claim on 17th april which means there are only 4 days left i have had no court date or defence what happens when the 4 days are up or are they likely to submit a defence in the next 4 days. thanks
  13. I have a couple of questions if anyone would be kind enough to help 1.I am ready to submit to court but need to know do i just ignore the part at the bottom of the form which asks for solicitors name and address. 2.Where do i include that i would like the amount to be paid by cheque. 3.Does the form have to hand delivered to court or can it be posted to the court. Many thanks for any help.
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